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CJ New Salem

Welcome to New Salem!

  1. Rodyna
    NEW SALEM.png
    This city is located in Latin.
    Latin is a country between France and Spain.

    Official languages: Latin, English
    Capital: Torum
    Area: 304,250 km2
    Population: 47,239,000
    Biggest cities: Torum (3,583,000), New Salem (1,579,000), Rodina (865,000), Livia (541,000)


    Founded: 1107
    Province: New Salem
    Population: 1,579,000 (2014)
    Area: 559 km2

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    This city is under construction!
    New pictures coming soon!

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  1. Anonymous
    Hello good works goes like this
  2. yandzz
    Nice start, waiting for pictures
  3. LeoJh
    Need more pictures ~~~ xD
  4. Mikey9986
    I already love it! Can't wait