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Tutorial NEW TUTORIAL!!! Custom Toll Gates

Building a toll gate [BETA] into CXL.

  1. cityguru
    Migrator's note: cityguru is the original author of this tutorial.

    What you need?

    The tutorial
    1. Build a road , whatever the road you liked!

    2. Build the same houses exactly like the picture!

    3. Build a darker road trough the house! Then you can see where you gonna build the toll gates!

    4. Build the toll gates!

    5. Build now the houses above it , as roof.

    6. Use Altiris roads mod now! And after it build the roads suround it!

    7. Enjoy your results!

    You can't delete it , when you make misstakes! Your city is ruined! [​IMG]
    EDIT: I'd found you can delete it with pressing Delete and clicking on it! ;-)

    Lets share your results!
    PM Me! For this! I will share your results! [​IMG]