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CJ New York

The Big Apple

  1. Ozzy luis
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    My first metropolis. Inspired by the great American city. 29.jpg 11.jpg 29.jpg 11.jpg 16.jpg 20.jpg 22.jpg 27.jpg 38.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    Nice we still have some Newcomers! It is a good start, but without mods there is missing something of Course. Get some mods and you will see how much fun the game is. Keep it up!
    1. Ozzy luis
      Author's Response
      Yes, thank you. I´m learning to use the mods. I am working on other projects and I hope to improve.
  2. kipate
    Good start! I like the skyline, and you cared about the layout. But I guess it would look a lots better with the use of more mods. Also, I do miss some story / description part, I mean, it's not a one to one copy of the original :)
    And don't feel bad about "only 3 stars", we all started like that ;)
    1. Ozzy luis
      Author's Response
      That´s fine. im learning to use the mods and i hope to improve. Upcoming new cities. Thank you