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CJ Nisz

On lake between mountains and plains

  1. AntonIlic
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Nisz is a small university city in northeast part of WSE on shores of Great lake, about 80 km of Bor and 140 km of Corton. City was in history on crossroads between Orthodox an Catholic worlds (Russia and Austro-Hungary).

    The city was founded in 944. when Russian monks settled on hill that was in that time surrounded with swamps. In 1024 monks built near their houses a orthodox cathedral of St. Georgy. That was first religious object in city.
    Church of St. Georgy
    Medieval Time:
    In 1112 on 3. march Nisz became ,,Free Royal Town,, with population of 12000 inhabitants. In 1120. need for town hall became frequent and the first town hall was finished in 1123.
    Old town hall
    In 1387 people from other parts of Barony of Bor started to move in to Nisz
    because of near gold mines. And then first need for catholic church became reality. And in 1499. building of first catholic church started, and in 1612. church was finished, in its time it was tallest church in whole Europe.
    The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (picture above, left top corner) was destroyed in 1701 when Turks burned whole city down population moved from 30000 to only about 2000.
    Colonial Age:
    In 1704 Nisz region became separate from Barony of Bor. In 1722. new catholic church was built, it was small and like king Philip IV said not deservig the capital, in 1738. people started to rebuild the ruins of old cathedral and already in 1749 the church was finished. In 1777. new town hall was finished and it was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city at that time.
    New town hall
    Golden Age:
    In 1809 Napoleon and his army entered city but without destroying. The occupation didnt last too long. In 1814 city was liberated and after that there wasnt any wars until World War 1.
    The golden age for Nisz started when Sir Isaac Woltter opened bank ,,Woltter and Sons,, economy was booming between 1825 and 1865 population moved from 22000 to 54000. In 1854 first university was built
    and it was first in country.
    Old university building and Bor square
    When university had about 10000 students in 1904 new building was built and in old building of university moved town government
    New university building
    War Time:
    First World War passed through peacefully, Nisz was neutral and nobody touched it, but second World War wasnt very good for city, at the time of war king Nicolas II was weak and people didnt liked him, so in 1941 revolution broke out and new president Jovan Megović moved to position but it didnt last to long, on 4. october 1943 Nisz was occupied by Communist republic of Bor, and city was under it until civil war in 1987.
    Communist Times and Barony of Bor:
    This time also known as ,,The new Dark Age,, mostly for architecture of Nisz. One of the examples are building od RTRK in Nisz city centre that was built in 1966
    RTRK building near king Ludwigs gate
    or Liberty Boulevard which was built through old city centre
    Liberty boulevard
    or maybe Leman quarter. It is today home for students
    cxl_screenshot_nisz_21.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_30.jpg
    Old Leman and Johans Torso (190m)
    and of course Bershikovs building
    Bershikovs building and old Nisz in behind
    Civil War:
    Between 1986 and 1990 civil war broke out in CRB, in 1987 Nisz gain independence, but on 28. december 1989 in Pred WSE was formed. Civil war in CRB was deadly, it have about 120000 victims.


    WSE: 66%
    Russians: 13%
    Romanians: 11%
    Serbs: 5%
    Croats: 2%
    Others: 3%

    Tolerance between nationalities are on high level past years, there has been opened russian embassy 2 years ago.
    Russian embassy

    There are 23 elementary schools, 13 middle schools and 10 high schools.
    University of Nisz is largest in WSE, it was founded in 1854. it have 62000 students and 20 faculties, it have about 600 teachers.
    Students park, and philosophy faculty
    cxl_screenshot_nisz_12.jpg Student park, and faculty of justice cxl_screenshot_nisz_31.jpg Faculty of sport

    cxl_screenshot_nisz_2.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_4.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_6.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_8.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_10.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_15.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_16.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_18.jpg cxl_screenshot_nisz_19.jpg


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    5. cxl_screenshot_nisz_32.jpg
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