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CJ NixonVille City

The city of holidays

  1. Nathan Brito
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Welcome here, today is December 4th, and this is the first edition of NixonJournals, I'm Nathan, the Nixon´s mayor, and I hope u enjoy my small city!
    Nixonville is part of King County, and a city in the Kentucky Metropolitan Region, the state capital!
    With 247,000 citizens, Nixon is the first city among Kentucky's top 4 in quality of life and leisure, followed by Kentucky (The Capital), Henrihills and Osnambruck in Dumbledore County!
    The goal of the mayor is to reach 500 thousand people by March without increasing the debts or decreasing the quality of life in the city!
    Av do Minério
    cxl_screenshot_nixonville_127.jpg NixonVille sunset (Lake Nona) cxl_screenshot_nixonville_143.jpg NixonVille (Esplandada De Ministries) cxl_screenshot_nixonville_120.jpg
    Middle West Downtown terminal[​IMG] NixoVille panoram, (Arpoador) cxl_screenshot_nixonville_115.jpg
    Downtown cxl_screenshot_nixonville_144.jpg Beach Club cxl_screenshot_nixonville_146.jpg Nixonville main avenue (Pres Nixon Av) with 13 kilometers!
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheRenegad
    very good job. Une vrai beauté a visiter
  2. kipate
    A nice start! Good job with the skyline, you avoided using skyscrapers like a maniac. I would like to see more of the city, though.