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City NixonVille

The Biggest Normenian City

  1. Nathan Brito
    Nixonville is one of the largest and most important cities in the country, with about 247,000 inhabitants. It is a great industrial, commercial, residential, and tourist center, and is currently the best city to live in the country! The metropolitan region of Nixoville has about 1.2 million citizens in 4 cities, Survey, Tauá (Of Indian origin), Batslavia and Georgeville!
    The official language of Nixonville is the Portuguese, differing from its metropolitan region that adopted English and French, as official languages!

    General Information:

    POPULATION: 247,000 (2016)
    FUNDATION: NOV 16th 2015
    MAYOR: Nathan Brito, now in 2016
    The Capital of Middle West
    LANGUAGE: Portuguese 70%(official) English 20% Normanian 10%
    Metropolitan Area Population: 1,2 million citizens
    Number of Cities in MA: 4
    Cities in MA:
    Survey, Tauá, Batslavia, Georgeville

    cxl_screenshot_nixonville_146.jpg cxl_screenshot_nixonville_123.jpg cxl_screenshot_nixonville_133.jpg cxl_screenshot_nixonville_115.jpg cxl_screenshot_nixonville_58.jpg cxl_screenshot_nixonville_68.jpg
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