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Ploppables No Colliaion Ploppable Lights v1.00

Ploppable lights without collision boxes.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hi Guys.

    I was experimenting with the ploppable lights mod by ''Ieyasu'' i think.. not sure. I removed the collision boxes from them.
    You can now put them on roads & buildings too.

    Be careful using them, and use only in darkness so you see where to plop them. Experiment with them before using in your cities.

    The light circles on the ground are generated in an unknown way. All lamps will not give light on the ground, you have to plop lamps where the light circles come on the ground.

    With some experimenting, you will realize how to use it.

    All the work done is by the original maker of the ploppable lights mod, i was just experimenting & take no credit for his work.

    Works in 2011 & 2012 for me.

    Hope you find some use for it.

    Found in : Environment Menu

    To Delete lights, select light & press Del key

    Don't worry about light circles that randomly fall where you don't plop a light. They will disappear after you restart the game.

    cxl_screenshot_greatersainipur_0.jpg cxl_screenshot_greatersainipur_2.jpg cxl_screenshot_greatersainipur_3.jpg
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

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