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Buildings Offshore Wind Turbine 2.00

This mod removes the requirement to connect wind turbines to a road.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Special thanks to mr-tom for requesting the mod

    This mod removes the requirement to connect wind turbines to a road. It also adds a new wind turbine to the utilities menu:
    + It can only be built on water
    + It produces 20% more electricity than a regular wind turbine due to being at sea where wind is stronger
    + It costs twice as much to build

    DiScOpOlis has made an amazing video showing the mod's capabilities.

    v2.00: 11/08/2011
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2.00
    works with xxl, great job
  2. galex_sighi
    Version: 2.00
    Works perfectly. The noise is a bit unrealistic. we have a lot of them in Germany, but they DO NOT emit noise. Only if u are directly next to it u might hear the turning. Could u change the noise factor?
  3. gseid87
    Version: 2.00
    Very good, but the noise man! Watch out the Noise!