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CJ Ohpo

An Atlantic Oasis

  1. Inan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Ohpo is a small island town located on the island with the same name northeastern of the countrys mainland. It has a population of about 53,000 people and is the capital of the island, that is a district of the state of Pretego. The whole (rocky and inaccessible) island has a population of about 68,000 inhabitants and a size of 1,722 km². There is a distance of 712 km between Ohpo and Ocean Keys on mainland. Ohpo is the easternmost town of the country.

    Main source of income are the exports of raw material, fishing and tourism. The island offers nice trails, adventures and events for smaller groups in nature.

    Some cities of the N.U.R.
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Recent Reviews

  1. axel
    looks cool mate nicly done
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      I have to say thanks for your mods! :-)
  2. Anonymous
    Its charming little city. I like the stones in the water coast looks so natural, the cave too is a nice equipment as the church
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Don't miss the update Luttenwijk, there is the second entrance of the cave :-)
  3. Miguel
    In my opinion, there are only a pair of small details that could be improved. Apart from it, your work is Absolutely flawless.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I have the same opinion as you. I am looking for what i can praise instead of looking for flaws (What can be found always and everywhere, in every CJ). :-D C U
  4. vallamir
    Really like your city !
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice words!
  5. Kitsunebi
    Awesome little city and again some wonderful innovative ideas! :-)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you Kits :-)
  6. Drazicdesign
    First of all, I am very happy to see you with a new city!
    Where to start, there is so much to say;
    I am overwhelmed by everything, there is a lot, a lot of infrastructure, a lot of ideas, a lot of good ideas.

    But before listing the positives I would like to start by drawing your attention to what could be improved.

    Points to improve :
    - Well, actually not much. But if all the same, there is still a point or two that can be improved.
    - The break at the level of the main bridge of the tidal power plant.
    The bridge and more particularly the road seems broken at the level of the connection with the roads covered with stone paving which are built on both sides ...
    - The golf course, at the level of the "plazas" layout. This one could have been done with a little more application. I mean a little more rounded, a little softer, less square, less raw ...

    Now, here are all the points that I particularly appreciated and on which I took a lot of pleasure to contemplate the images!
    - The city in general is top notch, well built, well balanced, all the buildings are homogeneous, with a roof tile coloring and quite similar architecture, and typically European! That, I must say that it is very successful!

    - This hospital, which seems simple at first glance, is extremely fair! Yes, yes, that's just what it takes with the right buildings, the two buildings on either side with a MODULAR CONVENTION CENTER structure, fit together perfectly, an entrance for emergencies, perfect, nickel !

    - The rock is awesome! This staircase around the rock is a marvel. This way he goes around the rock by nested buildings one after the other is a real success!
    However on the top of the rock I would have appreciated a texture in the same shade as the stairs so that the whole is more coherent.
    For example, replace the gray-brown cobblestone path with a lighter path or a plaza that matches Monty's stairs.

    - The cemetery downstairs is simple but very nice, it might have deserved one or two trees to be more realistic ....

    - Nieuw Ohpo: this central square is splendid, I like the choice of the central building and the idea of a daily market or Christmas market that is being prepared for the end of year celebrations for example.
    Also the two monuments are well established (apart from the ground, a pity that it is not straight, which gives us a monument base eaten by a plaza, I would have appreciated a better realization, I know that it is is very complicated with Cities XL ... after more than 10 years of playing, I can see it's a small flaw)

    Anyway, this place is remarkable (I like these little details where we see small vehicles delivering the goods)

    - The chasm with its campsite.
    It's still a fucking good idea, a perfect tourist spot!
    Nevertheless, I find that the realization is unfortunately not perfect. I see too much rock piling up on top of each other!
    While I did not have this impression on the "rock" with the staircase and its cemetery.

    The airport is nice, the football stadium well equipped, the freight ports, the marinas, the shopping center, the marinas, there are a lot of things in this city! It's really awesome. everything is there!

    Oh, I was going to forget the Marémotrice, it is nevertheless one of the outstanding achievements of this city! Staggering is the word that comes to mind.

    To conclude, I would say that this city is for me one of your best realized cities! In any case, I took great pleasure in scrolling through the images.

    I take my hat off to you, this city is how I like them, realistic, it's a pearl!

    PS: Do not pay attention to the "negative" criticisms that I formulated in this opinion, you are among the best, at this level of achievement and construction of the city, it is just to look for the little beast. And then it's just a game !!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Look into discussion page! :-)
  7. kipate
    What a magnificent work you present here! I really enjoy the outflows of your creative genius :)

    Long review on the discussion page ;)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      As always: Thanks for the review...and the 5*. I am going to answer asap :-)