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CJ Omnicorp Island City

Very dense city on the notoriously difficult Omnicorp Isles

  1. yosef70
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Very dense city located on the Omnicorp Isles. Although it may not look like it, this city has a population of 336,000. Tried to Minimize use of terraforming.

    cxl_screenshot_ketama_50.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_54.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_56.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_55.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_53.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_51.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_46.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_44.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_37.jpg cxl_screenshot_ketama_48.jpg


    1. cxl_screenshot_ketama_153.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Omnicorp Island City Update

Recent Reviews

  1. solo
    nicely done, can we have more pictures?
  2. kipate
    Good job! I like your skyline a lot, and the little island has been well done! Also, the inner harbour is a fine little creation by yours.
    Some parts of your marina need an overhaul in my eyes, though. Sometimes you have only placed lots of plaza around, sometimes the roads are a bit too steep for my taste.
  3. lindien
    Your island is really well laid out, maybe a few too many buildings of repetitions ...
    But that's just a detail ;)
  4. Marc Zandecki
    Marc Zandecki
    The idea of a Industrial city is intreaging. Very good. And Xouste is right it is special. But beautiful.
  5. ilhamdwiputra
    Good its very good
    Its beautiful and a little spesial.
    336000 people live in a small island sounds kinda unbelievable...so...if you dont mind...4 starts for this^^