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Arts & Leisure Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai v1.00

This is the Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔).

  1. XL Nation Staff
    This is the Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔). You can read more on the tower here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oriental_Pearl_Tower
    This is my first model. Thanks for the members in XL Nation for giving me advice and suggestion.
    Also, a special thank to Altiris for his guidance in using the modding tool.

    opt01.jpg opt02.jpg

    We also have a nice video done dy diScOpOlis. Thanks for the video.

    In game feature

    This tower can be found under commerce > Leisure > Culture

    The basic feature of this tower is very much like the Tokyo Tower.
    The jobs provided by this tower is unskilled - 4, skilled - 8, executive - 12, elite - 6.
    This tower provide 10% bonus leisure bonus. Also, if the tower is fully employed, it will provide about a token of holiday.
    It also influence the landmark, leisure and quality of life.

    It cost half million to build, but $2000 to maintain. The idea is, it is more expensive to build but less expensive to maintain.
    It is unlocked at the same time where the Tokyo Tower is unlocked.

    The collision shape of this building is reduced (similar to Limitless Residential Construction by Elmo). It is only 20m x 120m. The rounded ground of this building is raise by a little bit (about half meters), I hope this is high enough to cover the plaza piece.

    The building can be built on water too.

    Model specification

    This is a T4 model. I try to make this model according to the specification of the official modding documentation.
    If any one like to have a look of the source file, feel free to send me a Private Message.

    Number of triangles
    L1 - 5588 (< 8000)
    L2 - 3588 (< 4000)
    L3 - 1168 (< 2000)
    L4 - 202 (A bit exceed 200)

    Diffuse 1024x1024px
    Normal 512x512px
    Lightmap 512x512px
    Reflection 512x512px
    Illumination 512x512px
    Diffuse 128x128px
    Opacity 128x128px
    Illumination 128x128px

    120m x 120m x 468m
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
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Recent Reviews

  1. Basile
    Version: v1.00
    looks great thanks.
  2. gseid87
    Version: v1.00
    Have it and recommend it