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Plazas OWP Plaza XL 3.00

The Over Water Placement plaza mod lets you build decoration zones over water.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    The Over Water Placement plaza mod lets you build decoration zones over water.

    The mod comes with 28 plazas.
    The 6 wood plazas have a clean air effect.
    I added a new old stone plaza and 3 roadfill zones for the french, us and german roads.
    I fix a problem with the previous version, that overwrite the texture of the standard plazas.

    cxlscreenshottestzz0.jpg cxlscreenshottestzz2.jpg cxlscreenshottestzz3.jpg
    cxlscreenshotfff0.jpg gamescreen0125.png
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

Recent Reviews

  1. alex l
    alex l
    Version: 3.00
    Просто супер! Работает в XXL!
  2. heonetsung
    Version: 3.00
    OH YEAH! OWP for over water gardens!
  3. gseid87
    Version: 3.00
    Totally agree with the guy below
  4. kipate
    Version: 3.00
    Guys, this is a MUST HAVE MOD, you will need it for sure!