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Transportation Pedestrian Paths v1,10

Pedestrian Paths by Uokiok

  1. XL Nation Staff
    These are new types of pedestrian Path including 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m.
    The paths have several textures which you can choose from upgrade list. There are only 10m and 15m bridge available. This is worth to notice that the bridge can upgrade to the kind that with stairs. You also can use it to make common stairs.

    6638865_orig.jpg 8747468_orig.jpg 3245586_orig.jpg

    6197921_orig.jpg 7334650_orig.jpg
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Latest User Interface Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. Narcis
    Version: v1,10
    This use to work with platinum,But now for no reason works only with 2012.... i thinks is a issue with XL Nation User Interface since has been updated.To bad this mode has also benches in his path witch is so cool and realistic.
  2. delplay
    Version: v1,10
    not work: Platinum
  3. skullz613
    Version: v1,10
    Really brings parks to life. Love the stairs.
  4. Mr.X²
    Version: v1,10
    just want to balance stupid ratings for this awesome and challenging mod... and no its not for xxl :P so what? thanks uokiok for all your new mod inventions and new technics, u just showed us that things are possible
    Version: v1,10
    Please redo for XXL
  6. Anonymous
    Version: v1,10
    for some resaon i do not see a solid under the path so its like a path floats in the air
  7. Ze_Doc
    Version: v1,10
    very sadly, that doesn t fit to XXL .... :(
  8. Scott K Anderson
    Scott K Anderson
    Version: v1,10
    Pretty cool mod you created!! Thanks. Oh, one thing. your patch file name may have been wrong a little bit, I don't know exactly why, but in the whole file name I could see some Chinese letters and some broken symbols or whatever.... When I put that file with those stranges, any of your beautiful paths wasn't seen. I deleted those strange letters by starting file name with 'H~~~'. Then it works! Whoever would download this patch, better keep this in mind.
  9. RobertSer
    Version: v1,10
    Looks amazing but cause game crash.
  10. Anonymous
    Version: v1,10
    A must have mod!