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CJ Piltene

One major city in my world. CXL 2011

  1. raulv87

    I try to give a Wikipedia-styled overview of the latest city that I have created. This small city fits perfectly to my small imaginary world :). Hope you like it.

    The skyline

    Piltene is a city located in Selioarkesson, the state of Regrana. Piltene is the administrative center and the largest city in Ogante, the easternmost district of Regrana. With 247 000 inhabitants it's the 5th largest city in Regrana, after Jerbīna, Dāgren, Irklava and Marletanska. River Arkatjen flows through the city.

    The location of Piltene in the state of Regrana + other district centers

    Piltene was first mentoined as Pilthen in 1630. For a few centuries it was a tiny fishing village. In 1812 the church of Son Jzoltan was built. While other regions of Regrana were highly atheistic, Piltene attracted many people, who felt discriminated for their religious beliefs. Piltene grew into a peaceful spiritual town. That period didn't last long, because a flourishing city attracted also many businesmen and workers. In 20th century the city grew into a typical city of Regrana.

    The square of peace in 1930s

    The church of Son Jzoltan

    Piltene has 247000 inhabitants and it's one of the fastest growing cities in Regrana. 39% are unskilled, 39% skilled workers, 15% executives and 4% elites.

    Piltene lies just 10 km away from the ocean, so it has quite stabile climate. Temperatures in summer rarely exceed 30 degrees Celsius (normal is 15...20) and the all-time record is 31,5. The normal temperature in winter is -5...+5 degrees and the record is -19. There are slightly more sunny, than rainy days. Piltene has approximately 9 hours of daytime in december and 15 in june.

    City parts
    The city center has some skyscrapers, the most known one is the four-tower (kuintorlāčes). There is a tiny medieval-styled part with the church. In eastern part of the city there is an airport, area of offices and residential areas. In the northern part there is a large industrial area and mainly low-density residential areas. The southern part lies on the other side of the river and has mainly residential areas. Piltene is quite a "flat" city, having mostly low-density residences.

    There are 3 state highways starting from Piltene:
    • Highway 3: Piltene-Dagren
    • Highway 4: Piltene-Jerbina
    • Highway 5: Piltene-Klaupio-Irklava
    There are five bus lines in the city. With a good road network it's enough to satisfy its residents. Piltene airport has regular flights to other cities in Regrana and outside.

    Map of Piltene. Notable places. Bus lines of Piltene

    Notable places:

    1 - Kuintorlāčes (four-tower)
    2 - Vīlis a Son Jzoltan (The church)
    3 - Dimeplac (The square of peace)
    4 - Kajtestōpeca Piltenīte (Piltene airport)
    5 - Central market
    6 - Ve lāčes pol ("Old towers")
    7 - Ve lāčes nea ("New towers")
    8 - Strōgariht (Shop street) The main shopping and walking street

    A view from the ferris wheel. Four-tower on the left. Moving right: new towers and old towers. Also shopping street visible.

    The square of peace


    Piltene has many types of industries, all well balanced. Its GDP per person is about 80% of the national average: 1950 SAS (about 37000 EUR).

    Central Piltene at night

    Education and Culture

    The University of Piltene is the 3rd largest in Regrana with about 20000 students. The education levels are high ;). There are many cultural events thoughout the year and Piltene still remains the spiritual center of Regrana.


    And sunrise

    More pictures from the city center:
    Arkatjenoriht (Arkatjen road) and the new towers

    The central park and the old towers

    An early morning in Piltene. People waiting for a bus to get to work in the busiest crossroad of the city.

    The same crossroad from another angle: towards the new towers

    Overview pictures:



    Thanks for watching!
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Recent Reviews

  1. ryankoo
    Good city, nice layout and clear streets, but i think you shoud do something that make your city special, may be a square or entertainment park.
    I give you 4 stars.
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      I know, I'm not very good at making my cities special. I probably have better skills for creating skylines and transport networks, than decorating a city. Thanks for a 4 :)
  2. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    Good job for not having any mods that I can see. Strategic highway layout and over all density spread. looks wise, i feel you coud get a little more customized in bringing uniqueness to this city.
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Yes, there are very few mods I used in this town. Thanks for commenting on the highway system. That's what I also like about this city. Maybe some day I'll buy CXXL, then I can add some more variety.
  3. kipate
    3 stars!
    Well, first of all, the overall road layout of the city looks quite good
    and rather realistic. At parts it is a bit too "griddy", but that is just a
    minor thing. I also appreciate that you don't use too many tall skyscrapers, that is good!
    1. raulv87
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I tend to like cities with low skyline. That's why my cities have very few skyscrapers. I also don't like to griddy road layouts and I try to avoid it. Seems like I didn't succeed this time :D