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CJ Piova e Nuova

Two Villages in Mediterranean Sea

  1. Eduardo Moura
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    Two Villas on Mar Mediteraneo spread across four islands , Marechiari, Lena, Piovà Nuova and Il Volcano , the first named Piovà divided into three sections , Citta di Piovà , Carcasso and Montemondo and second Nuova on the island of the same name built two centuries after the first. Both cities inspired by Monaco-Ville and coastal towns of the Italian coast.
    The volcano dominates the landscape Dividing Attention Among picturesque streets, Casinos and multi stores millions of Citta Piovà Streets, the first buildings dating from the fourteenth century and contrasts with the new Seventies architecture marking this decade the great heyday of the city.

    Villa Antica di Piova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_0.jpg

    Casinos and hotels
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_1.jpg

    Piova Harbor
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_2.jpg

    Montemondo houses
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_3.jpg

    Montemondo e Lena Island
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_4.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_5.jpg

    Montemondo beach
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_6.jpg

    Citie under nature
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_7.jpg

    Piova Gran'Iglesia
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_9.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_11.jpg

    Cognata Maria di Carcasso
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_13.jpg

    Piazza Omena di Carcasso
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_16.jpg

    Castello Orologio - Carcasso
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_19.jpg

    Citta Basso a Piova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_21.jpg

    Piova (left) - Carcasso (right)
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_24.jpg

    Elevattorio in Carcasso
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_26.jpg

    Montemondo beach
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_27.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_28.jpg cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_30.jpg cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_32.jpg

    Il Volcano e Piova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_33.jpg

    Strada di Nuova al fondo Il Volcano e Piova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_35.jpg

    Villa di Nuova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_36.jpg cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_40.jpg cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_40.jpg

    Boca al Cielo - Villa di Nuova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_43.jpg

    Nuova e Il Volcano
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_45.jpg

    Casa Girondini - Nuova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_46.jpg

    Lacqua - Nuova
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_47.jpg

    Mediterranean Poetry
    cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_51.jpg cxl_screenshot_piova e nuova_54.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Leonardo Gayosso
    Leonardo Gayosso
    It's Amazing.
    How much for a 1 week on vacations in your piece of heaven? :D
  2. Jotape
    Fantastic pics! Looks very realistic and italian, thanks
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Jota
  3. Inan
    Very nice italian looking city, great work on that hill, really good use of the firenze pack. I like the bridge above the city. Congrats, keep on!
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Inan
  4. Monty
    It's a small town but is very well done, each pic looks like could be a real place. It definitely has the right vibe, excellent work!
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Monty, "você é o cara"!
  5. PaulJChris
    Very skillfully done on challenging terrain. Great ambiance. Very well done.
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks paul!
  6. selodinger
    Liked it! Despite the small size of the city, it's really charming.
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks selo!
  7. kipate
    Nah, five stars. Why not? It is a good, and I would say a really good city, and the little anecdotes make it worth giving five stars.

    I really like how you focused on creating such lovely one street-districts (districts with the houses almost only at one street), that looks quite realistic to me. Good job :)
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Cities like this its a challenge not only your geography. Make this profit its no easy...Thanks!
  8. cruise85
    Love to live in this lively city.. Great going!!!
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Cruise!
  9. skullz613
    Awesome work! I love the Piova Harbor screenshot, looks so real. Reminds me a little of Monte Carlo
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks skullz! Monte Carlo was my inspiration in this part of city! :)