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CJ Pirritoa

Ocean , pacific , polynesian

  1. sadiemydog
    Country name: Pirritoa
    Motto: We live together in a small paradise.
    Anthem: Pirritoa our country
    Capital and largest city: Sadiesburg (+/- 25.000 citizens)
    Official languages:
    Ethnic groups: Mostly: Polynesian , European , American and Asian. Surinamese and Middle Eastern minority.
    Denonym: Pirri
    Government: parlement and fiifao monarchy.
    National Dog: Boy Goldenboy
    King: Joeri Groen
    President: Autoorii Iraajii
    Fiifao: Riiraorae IIII
    Independence: From the UK , 9 august 1968.
    Area: 412 km²
    GDP Total: US$ 728.000.000
    GDP Per Capita: US$ 14.560
    HDI: 0.676 (medium)
    Population: 105.000 +/-
    Population Density: ? by 1km²
    Currency: US Dollar and Pirritoran Doekoe (PID) used. PID's value: (0,3156 USD)
    Time Zone: Niuean Time UTC-11
    Climate: Tropical temperatures changes from winter 23 and summer 32 degrees celsius.
    Drive on the: Right side
    Calling code: +693
    Internet TLD: .pi
    Mininum age to vote: none
    Mininum age to drive: none
    Mininum age to drink alcohol: 17 years old.
    Religion: None info
    Speed limits:
    -110 on proposed new motorwaylink 2x2
    -100 on motorways all 1x1.
    -90 out of city
    -40 inside cities.
    Charts: Pirritoa Top 60 , Ṿẳn̈ åḽⱡễṧ ềņ ɲởɠ ẘɐᵵ -ᵬÿ ʝɵḝȑḭ ģᵳṏḗȵ
    Pirritoa (Dutch: Pierietou) is a island country in the Pacific Ocean. It was colonized by the Dutch , English and Swedes. Today its independend. The island national income by capital (GDP) is US$ 14.560. HDI is 0.676 at medium level. The city isn't finished. I don't know if this city is crashed or not. So update's are possible but not sure if there get more update's. You can tell me how you think about this city or country in Dutch or English. These are previews:
    a piramide in the middle of the jungle. Built by Polynesian Settlers.
    A typical medium living house.
    Luxury hotels are upcoming and jumping like mushrooms. +/- 40% of the national income came from Tourism.
    Beach volleyball is a populair sport in Pirritoa. It can be played in Sausii Beach. Pirritoa most populair beach.
    The new roundabout in Pirritoa is clear. Will ad first motorway connects a small part of the country.
    Many houses are on the seas , it looks very like Bora-Bora or Maledives. Those houses can be hired from US$145 up to US$3500 by day.
    Coastal Blue Appartement & Hotel .Co has a good offer for low-budget sleeping and sightseing around the country. And its connected to Pan-Pirritoa Rail. Prized can be variated and is usely around 35 US$ by night. Included food and drinks.
    Pirritoa's first interchange was built in 2013. Now people can drive on. It has good traffic signs. The interchange has named: Boy 2014 Interchange. Named after my dog at the picture below.
    Here's a picture of the road connecting the huge navy basis and harbour.
    The Oil City is the only city in the world who lays at sea without any connection to land. You can only get there by boat or helicopter. Boat tickets cost around 50 US$ and return tickets usely 71 US$. There live around 2000 people there and the main rescourse is oil.
    The road connection from the Boy 2014 Interchange.
    Views of the car closer.
    The islands capital Sadiesburg. Containing 20000 citizens. 20/31,5 +/- of the entire population of the country itself.
    Snow in the center of a tropical jungle ??? :O
    The passes i've made. I've got a little inspiration of this thanks to Streetview in the recent country added to streetview named: Bhutan.
    Old picture of Boy 2014 Interchange before i've add forests.
    -Flag and COA
    -Information about Pirritoran votes to Junior Eurovision
    -Photos Riitautaytoo Vulcano Lakes
    -Proposed New Motorway Link
    -And more.

Recent Updates

  1. Southwest Island Link Fix
  2. Map with national roads.
  3. Sausii Valley

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    hm... not much to see
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      Wat!? You rated one star because there wasn't enough pictures! WTF!
  2. Anonymous
    I understand that you wanted to connect your islands. That part was fine. The random park in the middle of the water... That is an eyesore. Other than that-Good city!
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      I not wanna connect the islands with bridges that will get ugly 100% sure. I did it only connecting two islands but not more. And the middle water city is for pumping oil.
  3. Peter912
    Nice! Good to see unusual city styles what arent so common! Prb try to upgrade the waterways to their invisible version though - i promise it will look better!
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I've tried it but than I cannot delete the waterways , thats why i've not changed yet.
  4. IcyHot
    Nice job on the Journal part of this, I need some additional photos to get a better fell for your layout etc in order to give it more than an Average rating
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      Ok do i need to post some more of the capital and the islands? wich other parts? Can u show it from the map , i'll post them in the future updates.
  5. dlimpens
    it a start - be creative and show us more
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      WT# !!! First of all , it isn't a start otherwise there aren't any trees. Second this isn't finished. Second for Wat reason you post two stars. Third do you hate Cities XL? You post bad comments everywhere. And if its a start , why you comment about updating instead of the niceness , what is wrong with you?
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I cannot wait to see more!
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      Thanks! ;-)
  7. Mrvoltura
    good concept,okay execution
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      yes it is a indeed a good concept , but what do you mean execution I mean. Its wierd and unclear what you did you say. Can you explain more by what you mean?? however thank you anaway.
  8. Koczmen22
    Nice to see something original. However, this city looks quite chaotic because you mixed many styles of buildings.
    1. sadiemydog
      Author's Response
      Yes it is very much styles of buildings. But these are just the style i've made. It looks simulair with Honaira: the capital of Vanuatu. Even if you don't like this. I won't change it because it took months to changes things. I don't have the time to do so. :(