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Buildings Plaza Indonesia v1.0

Mixed Used Building ; Keraton Residence & Hotel , The Plaza Office, Ex Mall

  1. fayeddd
    • XL Nation Furniture Dependency
    • Cities XXL Community MOD
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Hello guys :D
    Finally it is done. Please enjoy!
    Keraton Residence & Hotel , The Plaza Office , Plaza Mall (Ex Mall) is located in Thamrin Area Jakarta. The whole complex is called Plaza Indonesia. Actually there is another piece of Plaza Indonesia which is Hyatt hotel and Plaza Indonesia mall but i didnt make it please dont get mad coz of this.

    It is been an icon of Thamrin area since been built. That is why i need to bring it to Cities X/XL.​

    2.jpg 3.jpg

    More images:
    (please open this, it is full of beautiness)
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    Building Information:

    Lod 1 : 6390 Triangles
    Lod 2 : 5965 Triangles
    Lod 3 : 2729 Triangles
    Lod 4 : 172 Triangles

    Base Size : 150m x 150m

    Diffuse map : 2048x2048 on lod 1 & 2
    Illu map : 1024x1024 on lod 1 & 2
    the rest are on normal spec

    • Offices
    • Bussiness Hotel
    • Retail (mall)
    • Residence
    Office T4 , MSCUSTOM

    This mod is sponsored by Plaza Indonesia Realty
    nah i am kidding :p

Recent Reviews

  1. zhangf654
    Version: v1.0
    exquisite mod,very nice
  2. Anonymous
    Version: v1.0
    Very nice! Good jobVery nice! Good job
  3. Aditya Agus Setyawan
    Aditya Agus Setyawan
    Version: v1.0
    Great. I love it so much. Can't wait for Hotel Indonesia and Grand Indonesia Mall
  4. loren banovic
    loren banovic
    Version: v1.0
    great building mod :^)
  5. Kalrisian
    Version: v1.0
    OMG!! This is so Great!! Thank you!
  6. Drazicdesign
    Version: v1.0
    That makes you, one more masterpiece!
  7. Ole
    Version: v1.0
    I like the design a lot!
  8. Monty
    Version: v1.0
    Very nice! Good job, fayeddd.
  9. Tim Scritchfield
    Tim Scritchfield
    Version: v1.0
    Amazing!! Your work is top notch. You are a master modder. Thank you so much for sharing!
  10. Abandon Ship
    Abandon Ship
    Version: v1.0
    This is amazing! Awesome job, fayeddd! I know exactly where this is going in my city...