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Plazas Plaza Texture Pack 2 2014-08-24

9 New Plaza textures inspired by Portugal

  1. XL Nation Staff
    This pack contains 9 new plaza textures. Inspired by existing roads and plazas in Portugal.

    I am currently working on several more Portuguese inspired textures and hope to have them out sometime soon. Portugal definitely has a lot of beautiful hand made roads. The more I research the more I want to create more, so I will be working on releasing more Portuguese plazas before I start work on others. I will take requests also. [​IMG]

    There is 2 files to choose from. You cannot have both versions in your paks folder at the same time.

    Another great video by diScOpOlis:

    (Sorry no screenshots migrated, photo links on old website missing)

    Portuguese inspired plazas part 2 will be put on the exchange soon.

    A big thanks to:
    FHI and MC for this game.
    All the modders out there, especially the ones that answer all my nagging questions. [​IMG]
    User, Hyperwolf, and the rest of the XLNation.net staff and community, You guys rock! This site is great.
    diScOpOlis for his excellent Youtube channel. Which really helped recapture my love for this game.
    All the different and great CJ's out there. Wonderful inspiration to be had by visiting everyone's cities.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
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