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Changes Ploppable Sand Box v4.72

This mod adds 20 new buildings to the utilities menu.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    DiScOpOlis has created an amazing video showing the mod's capabilities! Please subscribe to his channel if you like his videos [​IMG]

    This mod adds 20 new buildings to the utilities menu. All of them have relevant names & descriptions and somewhat relevant appearance to what they actually provide your city with.

    - 10 of the buildings provide your city with all the tradable resources it needs - food, electricity, fuel, waste, water, offices, heavy industry, manufacturing industry, hi-tech industry and holidays. Each building provides you with a single resource so you can choose which ones you want to get from the sandbox.

    - 2 of the buildings provide your city with the other resources - hotel services and retail services.

    - The transport Hub building provides maximum satisfaction with freight & passenger services and serves as a city link, increasing freight and passengers trade capacity.

    - 4 of the buildings provide your city with jobs for all citizen classes - 85% for one of the classes and 5% for each of the other 3. Check the buildings' descriptions to see which citizen class do they provide the major part of the jobs to. No citizens will get employed in those buildings until all other buildings that require workers of the relevant class have enough employees. This ensures that all important buildings in your city have enough workers to avoid any problems and allows you to easily grow the city.

    - The Paradigm building makes your citizens completely satisfied with all city services - education, health, security, fire safety, leisure and environment.

    - The 2 buildings originally present in the first version of the mod are also included. One of them provides you with the resources (water, waste, electricity, fuel, food, heavy industry, manufacturing industry, high-tech industry, offices and holidays). The other one provides an equal amount of jobs for each citizen class (unskilled, skilled, executives, elites). I do not recommend you using these two.

    v4.72: 20/04/2011
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

Recent Reviews

  1. Port52
    Version: v4.72
    Wonderful! These buildings help out a lot. And because of them you don't have to place down loads of hospitals, police and fire stations (etc.). You can also stop wishing for more recourses, because THIS is the key to great trade!
  2. megasolaris
    Version: v4.72
    its so good but i dont know how to instalit
  3. Abandon Ship
    Abandon Ship
    Version: v4.72
    I'm loving this mod. The complete job providers are aces.
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: v4.72
    The job providers REALLY help my cities grow. Also, the job providers seem to be at the bottom of citizens' priority lists, meaning other services rarely suffer. Good job!
  5. Scott K Anderson
    Scott K Anderson
    Version: v4.72
    This mod is something cool, never cooler. Thanks. By the way, I wonder you say you don't recommend using two mods which were originally introduced.
    I have used those two on many cities, feeling really convenient and effective cause I don't need to build each building for its individual purposes. Is there a thing that is good for me to know why you say that?
  6. amar patel
    amar patel
    Version: v4.72
    awesome dude, works awesome