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CJ Port Aspire (Beach City)..Still WIP (Repost No PS)

City of partying in the luxurious beaches.

  1. raymaster
    Port Aspire was founded in 1910 by a group of Americans. The City's original name was Port Dickson. However, in 1912, the city's name was changed to its present day name. In World War 1, much of the city's infrastructure was destroyed except a small military base up west. The Great Depression of the 1930s greatly affected tradings in the city, resulting in many shops closing down. In World War II, the city was spared from the war, but the US Army maintained a significant presence at a large military base 2 miles north. Throughout the years, the military base known as the Black Mesa Research Facility, became the most secure military base in the city. It was built in the 1940s. The base is maintained by scientists, US Army, US Air Force and the United States Marine Corps. The Army is tasked in guarding the base from threats.
    Logo of the Black Mesa Research Facility.


    At present day, the city is being expanded as a global well-known city. In 1947, Port Aspire International Airport was built, initially to cater small jets. Starting the 1960's , the airport was expanded to accomodate Boeing 707's and Boeing 747's. In 2007, the airport became the largest in the world with 4 terminals, 3 runways, and more than 40 airlines fly to and from the airport. It is Considered a global airport as of 2015.

    The Antonov An-225, the largest aircraft ever to land at Port Aspire International Aiport.

    Transportation system is one of the best in the world. Bus Systems are sometimes fully loaded, metro lines heavily occupied, tram lines half full. A Bullet Train service is planned to connect the city to the rest of USA. A light monorail system, Port Aspire Transit System, was completed in 2005. In 2014, it was announced that the bullet train service will start in 2016, making the city after Japan to have a bullet train service.

    City view to the west with Port of Port Aspire at bottom, with malls, offices and hotels.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_5.jpg
    Richman Island viewed from the west.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_7.jpg
    Port Aspire Beach pedestrian walkway. It is home to the one of the most luxurious beaches in the world. In face, it is considered by many locals and tourists to be a 5-Star beach.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_12.jpg
    Port Aspire Amusement Park at night..
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_13.jpg
    City view to the west, with the Port Aspire Nuclear Power Plant seen as to small squares in the background.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_14.jpg
    Parking lot of the Mid Valley Megamall. The Megamall is the largest and most luxurious of the malls in the city. It was built in 2000 and its parking lot was designed to accomodate more than 600 cars.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_16.jpg
    Commerce district at night.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_17.jpg
    Asian section of the city, with the twin ferris wheels in the center. A monorail line can be seen here and ends at the Shibuya Train Station terminus.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_21.jpg
    Vic Asia hotel and casino, connected to Vic Asia Megamall via an underground walkway and tunnel, which consists of shops.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_22.jpg

    Port Aspire Transit System, one of the most advanced train system in the world and the most advanced in the city. The trains have a speaker, automatic electric door, uses nuclear power, electric rails, luxurious interiors, and more. This train seen here is heading east to Vic Mine Train Station near Downtown.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_23.jpg
    Southern Air Boeing 777F's parked, ready to depart for Memphis and LAX respectively.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_28.jpg
    Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380-841 taxiiing to Runway 7, ready to depart for KLIA in Malaysia.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_30.jpg
    Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 taxiing to Runway 19, bound for Phoenix Sky Harbor.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_31.jpg
    A Pair of Airbus A321's at Concourse C/D.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_33.jpg
    KLM Boeing 777-200ER's at Concourse C/D, the European Airlines concourse.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_34.jpg
    An Air India Boeing 777-200LR being serviced at PAIA's Concourse A/B.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_35.jpg
    Overview of the entire main terminal, consisting of Terminal A and B. Terminal A was built in 1995 and Terminal B was built 2000. The current airport was design to accomodate more than 40 million passengers.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_38.jpg
    American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER, ready to depart PAIA, as flight 765.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_40.jpg
    Stored Aircraft at the corner of the airport, near Terminal C. The planes seen here are 3 MD-11's and 2 private Boeing 747-400s.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_42.jpg

    Restaurants, Hotels and parks at the main terminal area. These restaurants are mostly heavily occupied, given their strategic location.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_44.jpg

    East view of the city during Sunrise. Terminal D and E can be seen at the lower left. Both were recently built in 2008 and 2010.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_9.jpg

    These pics are the original and unedited photos of my city. My City is still work in progress. I'll keep you all posted in the times coming.

    Future Updates (possibly)-

    1. Extended monorail system to Richman Island.
    2. US Air Force base near the corner of the map.
    3. Larger Industrial Area.
    4. More Highway access.
    5. More Parks built...
    6. More luxurious beach designs.
    7. US Army base with the USAF base.
    8. Black Mesa Research Facility (maybe not like the Half-Life Version)
    9. More bus lines to resolve traffic problems.
    10. Maybe more highrise apartments outside the city.
    11. Maybe more McDonald's restaurants outside the city.

    These plans i will possible do, and it will take some time. Keep checking on to see more updates. The Old resource is outdated. View this one for more pics and updates..


Recent Reviews

  1. gary
    Love it .. AirPort , Monorail, Stadiums , even CBD , Good Work
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      THANKS MAN!!
      unfortunately this city is lost due to error. when i exit it says "failed to save dump file' ..

      BTW, thanks for the rating ;D
  2. heonetsung
    GJ! This city is very metroplis style! Maybe changing the buildings between CBD and golf park to medium density might look better as currently I feel a little uncomfortable when suburb suddenly strikes the downtown.
    Curious about how does it look like in the flight view, say looking over the sky but not completly satellite angel.
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      u meant which one? the first update or the second?
  3. Artmaster
    Nice job...about your Photoshopping in the other journal...try duplicating the layer then adding the effects you like, and then decreasing the transparency to a level that is more tolerable. Another trick is to make many duplicate layers of the same image and change how it looks and then use the eraser tool to reveal the original image. I do it all the time :D
    1. raymaster
  4. wcpaeb
    Very nice city with lots of details! I really like your monorail :) I am really curious about the look of black mesa facility in your future updates:) Good job!
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot man! Really appreciate it
  5. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Now THIS is an awesome city! The amusement park, the giant McDonalds sign, the metro system... Everything is really cool! Where did you get all of those rides and the McDonalds sign?
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Thanks buddy! The monorail mod is the monorail mod by radolph ...the McDonald's sign I think is the highway decorations mod...good luck in searching them