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CJ Port Aspire (Beach City)..Still WIP

City of partying in the luxurious beaches.

  1. raymaster
    Port Aspire was founded in 1910 by a group of Americans. The City's original name was Port Dickson. However, in 1912, the city's name was changed to its present day name. In World War 1, much of the city's infrastructure was destroyed except a small military base up west. The Great Depression of the 1930s greatly affected tradings in the city, resulting in many shops closing down. In World War II, the city was spared from the war, but the US Army maintained a significant presence at a large military base 2 miles north.

    At present day, the city is being expanded as a global well-known city. In 1947, Port Aspire International Airport was built, initially to cater small jets. Starting the 1960's , the airport was expanded to accomodate Boeing 707's and Boeing 747's. In 2007, the airport became the largest in the world with 4 terminals, 3 runways, and more than 40 airlines fly to and from the airport. It is Considered a global airport as of 2015.

    Transportation system is one of the best in the world. Bus Systems are sometimes fully loaded, metro lines heavily occupied, tram lines half full. A Bullet Train service is planned to connect the city to the rest of USA. A light monorail system, Port Aspire Transit System, was completed in 2005.

    Richman Island during sunset. Port Aspire Beach was located here, home to one of the most luxurious beaches in the world.
    BeFunky_cxl_screenshot_port aspire_4.jpg.jpg

    A United States Navy military base west of the city during sunset. Note the four aircraft carriers docked along with cruisers USS Port Royal CG-73, USS Shiloh CG-67, USS Bunker Hill CG-52, USS Vincennes CG-49, and USS Lake Champlain CG-57. Sorry for the blurry photo..
    BeFunky_cxl_screenshot_port aspire_20.jpg.jpg
    RMS Titanic museum during the day. The museum recieves 300,000 visitors each day.
    BeFunky_cxl_screenshot_port aspire_26.jpg.jpg
    Port Aspire Beach during sunset. US military planes can be seen on display at the bottom of the picture. It is located at the USS Cole CVN-91 aircraft carrier (formerly the Charles De Gaulle R91)
    BeFunky_cxl_screenshot_port aspire_32.jpg.jpg
    A Varig Boeing 747-400 is about to takeoff from Runway 7. It was also the last flight of the airline's Boeing 747-400.
    Postcard of the RMS Titanic museum at night...xD
    A Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I and an Air France Boeing 747-400 at Concourse C, Terminal B. Terminal B is the European airlines terminal.
    USS Cole CVN-91 on display as a museum ship along with 1 battlecruiser, 1 destroyer, and 1 submarine. It is now known as the USS Cole Aviation and Sea Museum..
    West view of the City druing sunset at around 5.00 p.m..At the bottom is a brand new highway, Highway 61. It was recently built in 2009 to divert heavy traffic from Intersection 401.
    Airbus planes at Terminal C. Terminal C was built in 1976. It was the first terminal of PAIA and the oldest still in use, receiving major renovations in 1986, 2001 and as recently on 2013.

    Downtown view during the day.

    Port Aspire's main commercial district.
    American Airlines Boeing 777-200's at Concourse F, Terminal A. Concourse F and G mainly cater major US Airlines. Among them United Airlines, Pan Am, American Airlines, Delta Airlines. Pan Am no longer operates from this Concourse.
    KLM planes vaguely seen in Concourse A and B. All are Boeing 777-200ER's.
    Overview of the entire airport. The Cargo terminal is at the middle. The Brand new terminal is Terminal D, the most bottom. It was built in 2004, and completed in 2006. It mainly handles Boeing 747's, Boeing 737's. A Smaller terminal beside terminal D handles turboprop aircraft.

    The whole city at sunrise.

    Please kindly note that this city is still work in progress. And tell me your feedback what are any errors and how can i make the photos look better. Tell me what you think...:D

    Bye Bye Bye...sincerely by: RayMaster Ivan..xD


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  1. Original screenshots from the city

Recent Reviews

  1. Artmaster
    Call me crazy but the I really like the high contrast going on...also your city skills looks great. Funny how people rate things...don't let it bother you. Do what you want. :)
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      i know but didnt u check a new resource titled the same but i added (repost no PS) ...that one many like it...check that one out
  2. ailo
    It´s a fantastic city, I mean, WITHOUT PS
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      yes yes yes yes...
  3. Spock
    it does looks better now without editing lol
    see u soon when it get finished
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      yeah yeah yeah yeah
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    How can you expect us to give you an honest rating with those pictures?
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Hey!! I'm trying to make it realistic a bit alright?!
  5. wcpaeb
    Well, i am pretty sure there are some really nice places in your city, but unfortunately we can't see them. Why are you using so much photoshop in your pictures? I can't see anything. How can you make your photos look better? Post them as they are from the game, no need to use any editing software.

    2 stars for now, because of the image quality, looking forward for an update with some screenshots where we can actually something:)
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      Ok, but im trying to make it much more realistic. When i saw other peoples photos, some of them use photoshop, but i cant pretty much do it. im just a new learner of photoshop so i still hv to learn a lot...thanks again for this review
  6. Prydeck
    Good job, but so ma-a-any blur... My eyes hurt
    1. raymaster
      Author's Response
      ok..will try to avoid it