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CJ Porto Santo - Part II

Portuguese heritage

  1. Eduardo Moura
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    Bossa Nova, african food, religious, culture, old carnival, seafood, coastal wind and more...

    Mercado do Peixe ( Fish and Seafood Market ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_59.jpg

    Praça D. Pedro I, Theatro Municipal e Mercado do Peixe. ( D Pedro Square, Municipal Theatre and Fish Market ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_58.jpg
    Largo do Comércio ( Comércio Street ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_57.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_56.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_55.jpg
    Viela dos Namorados ( Namorados means boyfriends, both murdered by population in 1887 for stolen a saints statue on the Navegantes Church to escape and sell the statue. Both murdered on yelow house from right. cxl_screenshot_porto santo_54.jpg
    Torre do Relógio ( Clock Tower, the first building of the city, served as the clock for travelers , sailors and merchants who came from the countryside and the coast to sell and buy products in fish market ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_53.jpg

    Morro dos Contos - Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, ( Contos Hill, Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Church ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_21.jpg

    Morro da Divisa - Palácio Lisboeta, ( Divisa Hill, Lisboeta Palace ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_22.jpg
    Rua do Comércio - Museu dos Escravos, ( Slaves Museum )
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_23.jpg
    Centro turístico ( tourist center ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_24.jpg
    Praça do cruzeiro ( Cross Square ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_25.jpg
    Feira Dominicana ( Dominican Fair ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_27.jpg
    Praça Tiradentes ( Tiradentes Square ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_28.jpg
    Monumento aos mártires e Igreja São Francisco ( Monument to the martyres and San Francisco Church ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_29.jpg
    Prefeitura ( City Hall ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_30.jpg

    São Pedro Downtown.
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_31.jpg
    Largo do comércio.
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_32.jpg
    Serra Verde. cxl_screenshot_porto santo_33.jpg
    Piriaçu. cxl_screenshot_porto santo_34.jpg

    Igreja de São Pedro. ( São Pedro Church ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_35.jpg
    Fazenda Carrilhão ( Carrilhão Banana farm ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_37.jpg
    Subindo o Morro dos Contos, Casa Barroso e Monastério. (Up the Contos Hill, Barroso House and Monastery ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_41.jpg

    Morro dos Contos.
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_42.jpg
    Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes no Morro dos Contos. ( Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Church, Contos Hill ). cxl_screenshot_porto santo_43.jpg
    Farol 34, Baía de Fora vista para o Mangue Azul. ( Lighthouse 34, de Fora Bay view of Blue Mangrove ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_44.jpg
    Farol 34
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_45.jpg
    Rua Central. ( Main Street ).
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_47.jpg
    Hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia.
    cxl_screenshot_porto santo_48.jpg
    Rua Zéfa dos Ramos ( Zéfa dos Ramos Street ). A crazy beggar lady who walked the city streets dressed 18th century noblewoman with branches in the head. cxl_screenshot_porto santo_51.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kristián Presinszky
    Kristián Presinszky
    Perfect !!! Cuban vibes !!!
  2. lindien
    It's really very beautiful and detailed.
    Good work ;)
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks lindien!
  3. Inan
    Very nice latin town, you really cared about details. You should have edited your part I entry instead of making another CJ. Nevertheless i really like it, keep on :-)
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Inan, its my first city and my first post.
  4. TheFosaGames
    ONE WORD: Perfect.
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Fosa!
  5. Monty
    Very nice town, I love it.
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Monty!
  6. Samuel Monteiro
    Samuel Monteiro
    Gostei, muito similar às cidades históricas brasileiras, especialmente as do sudeste
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Sim, Recife será uma meta tb, obrigado!
  7. Lord-Katania
    Beautiful ancient town.Good Job!!! :)
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thank you Lord!
  8. Marc Zandecki
    Marc Zandecki
    Now you are my man. Great! 5stars
    1. Eduardo Moura
      Author's Response
      Thanks Marc! We are awsme!