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Tutorial Posting a Resource in the new XL Exchange

How to post in the XL Echange

  1. skullz613
    Here is a brief tutorial on how to post in the new XL Exchange for members not used to the new website format.

    1. Start by clicking on the Add Resource button
    2. Select the category you want to post in
    3. Select the prefix, enter a title, put in the revision number and then add a short description in the Tag Line box
    4. Click the Upload Your Resource button to attach a resource. If there is no file then use the External Download URL box. The tutorial resource has an option for No File.
    5. Now hold down CTRL on your keyboard (The control key) and select the types of CitiesXL with your mouse that your file is compatible with.
    6. Now fill out the description for your file.
    7. While you are filling out the description you may want to add images so click the Upload Images button down the bottom.
    8. You can select more than one by holding your CTRL key down and selecting them with your mouse
    9. Once the pictures are uploaded you can add them as full images or thumbnails.

    10. If your uploading a patch file you will need to add any Installation Pre-requiste(s)
    11. Now tick the Upload Resource Icon box then click Save.

    12. After clicking save your resource post will be saved and you will get the following box on your screen if you ticked the Upload Resource Icon box. Click browse and select the icon you wish to use.
    I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and easy to follow
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ibrahim Halabi
    Ibrahim Halabi
    very good tutorial well done
  2. nicko2u
    Awesome - please everyone read it before asking questions!
  3. moran
    This is very useful