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CJ Puerto Bahía

Regional capital in the Atlantic coast

  1. fanattiq
    As a regional capital, Puerto Bahía is a wide quote of services, such as the main University in the area, a harbour hub for commerce and industry, the biggest airport in the region and, of course, a transportation hub for highways and railways.

    This city acts as the second city in the country. Thus, is here where the main experimental developments are done: most of the main architects an planners can develop their work here. Here are the main buildings in the country, and several of the most interesting planned suburbs from an architectural point of view.

    The airport is the work of Paul Andreu, the Ecogreen area is from Jürgen Mayer, the Farbenca district was done from the Perrault study, and so many other architect have given their stamp into the city.
    The main town in the neighbourhood of Puerto Bahía is Alcalá del Marquesado, a 135.000 inhabitants town with a series of solar plants next to it, and an old town very preserved. This is a town with new developments in expansion:
    Puerto Bahía-Alcalá del Marquesado 05.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-Alcalá del Marquesado 04.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-Alcalá del Marquesado 03.jpg

    Panoramic view of Alcalá del Marquesado: Puerto Bahía-Alcalá del Marquesado 02.jpg
    The University has white buildings for classroom and a typical campus:
    Puerto Bahía-Universidad 02.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Universidad 01.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Universidad 03.jpg

    Complex business "ECOGreen":
    Puerto Bahía-Complejo Ecogreen 03.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Complejo Ecogreen 01.jpg
    The Ramon Llull district is an Executive suburb with no street in the same direction as any other.
    Puerto Bahía-Ciudad Ramon Llull.jpg

    The Farbenca district, buildings in different colours with open green areas:
    Puerto Bahía-Farbenca 01.jpg
    gamescreen0227.jpg gamescreen0228.jpg gamescreen0206.jpg gamescreen0204.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-playas 01.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-playas 03b.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-playas 06.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-playas 07.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-Río.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-Frente marítimo 01.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Frente marítimo 03.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Frente marítimo 04.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Frente marítimo 05.jpg
    Puerto Bahía-Frente marítimo 09.jpg

    Puerto Bahía-Detalles 02.jpg Puerto Bahía-Detalles 03.jpg Puerto Bahía-Detalles 09.jpg Puerto Bahía-Detalles 10.jpg Puerto Bahía-Detalles 11.jpg Puerto Bahía-Detalles 04.jpg

    See updates for more information...


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Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Nice city you are showing here!
    Really, I like that airport terminal a lot :)
    Keep up the good work!
  2. ode1299
    I am astonished by the airport design and the harbour, great effort..
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      I am glad, thank you!! I have made an update for the airport, as a monograph. Hope you enjoy it too.
  3. Drazicdesign
    4 stars for your airport and for the big city
    Unfortunately I find that there is too much repetition!
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you for rating!! Despite I love those repetitions, I would like to know wich parts are the worst considered for those repetitions. Anyway, it is true: there are too much repetitions, but every style mustn't like to everyone. Anyway, in my updates you will see that I am making some Little modifications in order to avoid so much repetitions (specially with those buildings with several skins).
  4. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    I think those are one of the best looking airports and harbors i've ever seen.
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you so, so much!! You'll get my face turn red. How gratefull words.
  5. ars`14
    nice city!love the "Maritime Front"area
    may i ask what is the mod of the airport?
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your rating! I don't know where it exactly is but is a mod made from Jouse, whose name is xln_jouse_Airport_Terminal, is the same terminal building as it is in the game (large airport) but 12 times repeated with that "in and out" form, and some addons. The tower is MONI Investment Center, an office building, that I thought fit well there. It also has the Aitortilla modular airport pack.
  6. Inan
    I want to give you a motivating rating! First: The airport looks awesome. Nothing more to say. Your city has too much tall skyscrapers for my taste, nevertheless the waterfront actually looks good! The lowrise area could be a bit more mixed. Good job!
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you, Inan, I appreciate your words. You are right, I use to abuse of skyscrapers, and that is not realistic, perhaps it would be better (and nicer) to use them fewer. Respect of mixing in the suburbs the buildings, sorry about that, but that is, let´s say, a sign of my way of building a city. Furthermore, I think this is as cities are (at least where I live and some places more->see Peter Stuyvesant city in Manhattan, Barrio de El Pilar in Madrid or proyected towns from Le Corbusier)
  7. Josephlonde
    Wow! Can't be better!
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much!!
  8. streetsofny
    Nice! I love the harbor area!
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias Streetsofny, aunque yo tengo alguna duda sobre esa zona, quizá pueda mejorarla en algún momento.
      Thank you so much Streetsofny. Perhaps I may even improve that part in the future, I am not completely happy with it.
  9. solo
    its really close to being super awesome, just need to fill in some blanks and maybe not use so many repeating buildings, love the airport.
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      That´s my way of building a city...