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Tutorial Put a tag to avoid buildings growing everywhere.

How to remove the ability to grow for a building.

  1. Le Cat
    *Tutorial for the NOZAC Problem*

    This is a tutorial made by an unexperienced modder for everyone to use in order to modify mod files of buildings which doesn't fit MC standard (One example would be Cirka 02 or Stockholm Globen Arena) that appear automatically when using the zoning tool and overlap buildings around because they are too big.
    This modification can be done even if you already have those buildings growing everywhere and won't make your game crash (it shouldn't, at least ^^). It will allow you to clean your city(ies).
    First, download EasyModXL by Hyperwolf and install it. And don't forget to "Like" his page ! [​IMG]
    Open EMXL and you'll get this window:


    Drag-and-drop the file you want to modify in the column on the left (under "file list"). In this example, Cyion Globen Arena.
    Double-click on the " *.class " file with the name closer to the mod name(usually the first one).

    Then, search for the TAG line which look like this:<Tag>Industry;Office;T3;MSCUSTOM;GemCity;PRIVATE</Tag> (if you don't find it, you are in the wrong *.class file ! [​IMG] )

    and add "NOZAC;" just before "GemCity" (I have seen NOZAC place elsewhere, but I didn't want to mess up too much with something I don't fully understand).
    Finally, save the file by using the "Convert to patch" option (Button in a red square OR you can find this in "File/Convert to Patch")
    Be careful, the first time you do it, it ask first to save the project THEN to save the patch file.

    When you are done, you can launch CitiesXL !
    Of course, the original work belong to its creator, I'm just trying to improve my own (and maybe others !) game experience.

Recent Reviews

  1. Supersnake
    Very useful for the old mods that are not updated by their author.
  2. nicko2u
    nice tut it should help some. Hopefully they do not need it if modders add this tag when needed.