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NEXL Quad Bikes 0.8

Leisure activity for your citizens.

  1. NEXL_Team
    Do you feel that the leisure building for quads is a bit small? We added roads for them!

    From sandy beach tracks to small dirt roads, even invisible roads for off-road fun,
    with the quad roads you can entertain your citizens in a whole new way!

    nexlquadcenter2.jpg nexlquadbiker.jpg

    Here's a great promo vid by discopolis!

    Building and Roads can be found in the new UIM Leisure Menu.

    Note: for animations to appear, some part of the quad road must run along the back of the Quad Building, (as shown in the first image above).
    Also you can build houses along the quad tracks, and they will get a citylink connection, but the occupants will always have poor employment satisfaction, as they cannot find an "allowed" method of transport. so it's not recommended to do this. [​IMG]

    The roads are animated for leisure purpose and not for general transportation. The building itself is a private Leisure firm, it will consume fuel and produce leisure, it is compatible and works quite well with the Crime & Leisure Mod.

    Installation Instructions
    Make sure you have the latest XLNation User Interface Mod installed.

    Download the .Patch file and copy into your games Paks\Mods folder.

    Network Expansion XL Team Members: Altiris, Monty, Mr-Tom, Pharmist​
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XLNation User Interface Mod by Altiris

Recent Reviews

  1. gseid87
    Version: 0.8
    Quite fun and versatile