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CJ Raccoon

in progress

  1. ficarevoluta
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Recent Reviews

  1. snick
    Teasers, however nice they may be, do not equal city journals.
  2. Peter912
    Looks very nice. But as mentioned above, please, add more pics.
  3. cityguru
    Looks awesome but i miss pictures , you only have two of them. :( and thats a shame for such a nice city like this!!!!
  4. skullz613
    Nice Photoshop work but more pictures would be good.
  5. Uncle Chunkles
    Uncle Chunkles
    Incredible work here. I would love to see more.
  6. Inan
    Nice, but more pictures please! Aerials and overview pictures we can see much more of the city. All your pictures (of other cities too) are just showing the skyline, they are all looking the same...