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Transportation Realistic US Roads Mod Dark v1.20

Realistic US Roads Mod Dark

  1. XL Nation Staff
    At last, it's complete!

    This mod will completely revamp the road US textures of the game, giving them a much more realistic dark asphalt look, as if they were newly paved. This mod also adds the following new roads:

    Very Large Expressway (8 lane version of expressway, upgradable to one way 8 lane road) By Pharmist
    Very Large Avenue (6 Lane version of large avenue, upgradable Very Large Expressway) By Pharmist
    AVE-2 (avenue with 1 lane on each side, can also be upgraded to AVE-3, and 3 lane one way road) By Mrtnrln
    TLA-5 (4 lane avenue with turning lane in the middle) By Mrtnrln

    The Above roads were not made by me, I just retextured them, and their one-way upgrades. Here are the full list of features for this mod:

    - Several new roads for the game (AVE-6, AVE-8, AVE-2, and TLA-5, all upgadable to 3 lane, and 8 lane one way roads)
    - Complete retexturing of all US Road textures, including highways, and interchanges (Not RHM)
    - Roundabouts have also been retextured
    -Sidewalks have also been retextured, for a much more realistic look, including the grassy road.
    -The icons in the game were updated/changed to match the new texture set.

    This is for the dark textures, I will add the light asphalt textures in a separate mod later on.

    To install this mod:
    1. Download file below
    2. Copy the "ZZZZ_Dark_Real_US_Road_Texture_Mod.patch" File into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2011\Paks"
    3. Enjoy the new roads!!!

    * Please remove the following mods after installing:
    Please ensure that the above mods are removed prior to loading up the game. It is not necessary to have those mods installed as they have already been integrated into this mod. They must be removed or else the new textures won't work properly on them.

    I'd also like to give credit to:
    Pharmist & Mrtnlrn for the roads
    Okeanos for the pak tools

    v1.1 (June 14, 2012 8:00 EST) Yellow median lines now appear all the time in the two lane roads.
    v1.2(June 16, 2012 11:00 EST) Fixes missing 4 lane one-way road textures.
    Unfortunately, the one-way road textures will have the yellow line in between:

    This will be a temporary fix until I can find a way to remove it.

    And special thanks to:
    and alvinheriadi

    For helping me in the support thread, thanks to you guys, I was able to make this mod for all of you to enjoy! :)

    Note: Photos of the new roads textures are missing from the third party file hosting site. If anyone has proper road texture images please let us know. -- IcyHot
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
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Recent Reviews

  1. stevermoyan56
    Version: v1.20
    Nice work! Thank you!
  2. bleve14
    Version: v1.20
    please make it for cxxl.. :) this mod is really the one what i like !
  3. Xavier Rhino
    Xavier Rhino
    Version: v1.20
    Is this compatible with XXL?
  4. AI town
    AI town
    Version: v1.20
    Please make it for UK roads.....
  5. Anonymous
    Version: v1.20
    Great job! Thanks so much :D
  6. iStarZ_51
    Version: v1.20
    Perfect mod ! Really usefull !
  7. wawaah
    Version: v1.20
    great, just what i needed!