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Changes Retail and Hotel Jobs for Elites 1.0

Original author: Rene

  1. Rene
    Retail and Hotel Jobs for Elites
    - Adds jobs for Elites in Retail and Hotel sectors.

    Those pesky elites! Those snobby elites!


    For example if your elite unemployment is high or skyrocketing and there's good jobs available in the city, but not that fancy and the most desired jobs that elites would prefer, shouldn't they lower they're standards a bit and take a job that is not so glorious but still managerial material?

    Yes. And this mod does exactly that. This mod adds jobs for elites for high density retail, business hotels and holiday hotels.

    The effect of this mod is not strong - quite minimal actually - of course depending of the amount of high density retail, business- and holiday hotels in your cities.
    But even in big cities the effect to elite employment is around 1% to 3%.

    Quite a many leisure, retail and hotel actually already employ elites but those are mainly exceptional (T4) category and such. But even for example leisure football field employs elites.. So this mod actually balances the employment situation of elites.

    This mod affects some 27 buildings - out of that it's about 11 retail high density buildings and the rest are hotels. Other worker classes and amounts are not changed, only elites added.

    Retail high density (T3)
    - Elite worker requirement: low

    Business hotels
    - Elite worker requirement: low-medium

    Holiday hotels
    - Elite worker requirement: low


    - This mod unlocks a high density luxury/good quality business hotel, similar to the high-tech hotel in-game.

    (This hotel is also unlocked in some other mods, so you might want to delete those and use this in order to avoid duplicates - and get the effects of this mod)

    - In CXL12 a holiday hotel was re-skinned and duplicated as holiday hotel, but this mod changes the new CXL12 re-skinned into business hotel - as there aren't many business hotels in the game compared to holiday hotels.

    - This mod is extensively tested and it's balanced, retails and hotels earnings and profits, and tax amount, stay the same despite those hire elites, without balancing adding lowest amount of elite worker( s ) could affect retails and hotels profits - so as I said it is balanced, elites get they're paycheck without damaging normal financials of retails and hotels.

    How to install the mod:
    Place the .patch file into your paks or paks/mods folder and run the game.

    How to uninstall the mod:
    Remove the .patch file from your mod folder. If you plopped that unlocked high density business hotel mentioned above you need to delete it from your cities before removing the .patch file.

    I hope you enjoy and find this mod usable and practical on the matter of elite employment.

    Installation Pre-requisite:
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

Recent Reviews

  1. OmniusPrime
    Version: 1.0
    Most excellent mod for raising employment for Elites to get a more profitable mix of workers. Works perfectly in XXL and I could see an immediate jump of 6% unemployment for Elites in a city I tested this on.
  2. Mutxo64
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you..works with xxl
  3. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 1.0
    I do not have enough Elite residents in my cities.