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CJ River Bay

The city of the rivers

  1. omartiz955


    Ésta es una ciudad en la que llevo trabajando un tiempo, me he propuesto tratar de poner la mayor población posible en el mapa sin crear un ambiente muy saturado, por lo tanto he decidido dejar las decoraciones para después, ya falta poco para terminar los arreglos en las zonas residenciales, para posteriormente continuar con otros detalles, no soy un experto y no sé si esté de verdad bien hecha, pero me gusta :p espero les guste, iré actualizándolo. Por favor háganme saber si hay algo mal que deba cambiar.


    This is a city where I've been working a while, I tried to put as much population as possible on the map without creating a highly saturated environment, therefore I have decided to leave the decorations and then, almost there to finalize arrangements in residential areas, and then continue with other details, I'm not an expert and don't know if it is really well done, but I like it :p I hope you like it, I'll update it. Plase give me some tips is something is wrong.


    Some general views

    East suburbs

    cxl_screenshot_carte_423.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_420.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_404.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_403.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_402.jpg

    Expressway to Financial area


    Hotel Island

    cxl_screenshot_carte_167.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_201.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_289.jpg

    Industrial Zone


    Little Suburb in Central Island

    cxl_screenshot_carte_385.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_382.jpg

    South Land Suburbs

    cxl_screenshot_carte_231.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_352.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_359.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_368.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_360.jpg

    Financial & Bussinesses Area in Central Island

    cxl_screenshot_carte_325.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_332.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_333.jpg

    Suburbs in North Land

    cxl_screenshot_carte_365.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_258.jpg

    Downtown - Historic Island

    cxl_screenshot_carte_163.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_218.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_330.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_327.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_70.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_159.jpg cxl_screenshot_carte_160.jpg


Recent Reviews

  1. heonetsung
    Multiple styles of suburb are cool! Dual CBDs are impresive!
    It's a little pity the island is small and te castle has to be near the bridge.But it can be imaged where a historic building stands alone over the open river ^_^
  2. metrocity345
    It looks very American looking.
  3. Josephlonde
    Wow! This is perfect!
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Your city is VERY realistic-especially the suburban areas. I like the grass-paved roads. Can we seem some pictures of your retail district(s)?