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CJ Riverside

A 3-million metropolis around the old city of San Carlo

  1. Deuxpont
    Riverside is the new name of a conglomerate of villages, especially the towns of San Carlos and Virenisa that grew together to a large commercial and educational center.
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    Overview from Sparkle Hill (Funkelberg) where the Bishop of San Carlos has his see over the municipal area:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    So, 4 stars! But only because I cannot give you
    3.5 stars... I like that you really tried hard to finish the
    city and I know that one sometimes has to make
    a trade-off between detailing one part of a city and
    simply building some more parts of the city, to avoid crashes...
    But in the given images, I do not see even the slightest decoration,
    which makes me sad; that you could have done better...
    Nonetheless, I see some hints that, within the possibilities you
    used (and not that posibilities you had overall), you implemented
    a lot of realism (bridge pylons not standing on the roads, etc. ...)!