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CJ Riverside

A 3-million metropolis around the old city of San Carlo

  1. Deuxpont
    Riverside is the new name of a conglomerate of villages, especially the towns of San Carlos and Virenisa that grew together to a large commercial and educational center.
    Meanwhile, Riverside consists of 18 city districts, being conflated to 4 greater city areas.
    Overview from Sparkle Hill (Funkelberg) where the Bishop of San Carlos has his see over the municipal area:
    View from Schönstadt over the San Carlo Bay to Airville (where the International Airport is located)

    View from Iglys at the Seaview Monument and the Shinglin Bay

    riverside-rathaus.jpg View over the City Hall at De Pond, Isla and Gestaade

    The Motorway from the Airport to the city.

    View over the solar plant in the west of the city at Virenisa and Ringmarg, the commercial center of Riverside.

    A night view from the Airville Cemetry over the San Carlos Bay to Schönstadt and San Carlos (on the right)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    So, 4 stars! But only because I cannot give you
    3.5 stars... I like that you really tried hard to finish the
    city and I know that one sometimes has to make
    a trade-off between detailing one part of a city and
    simply building some more parts of the city, to avoid crashes...
    But in the given images, I do not see even the slightest decoration,
    which makes me sad; that you could have done better...
    Nonetheless, I see some hints that, within the possibilities you
    used (and not that posibilities you had overall), you implemented
    a lot of realism (bridge pylons not standing on the roads, etc. ...)!