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CJ Rivibaai

Rivers and a Bay

Recent Reviews

  1. Skytopjf
    The city looks great, the Soccer Club was my favorite photo, the entire area was very detailed
  2. benhur1967
    Excellent! I like most the ancient part with the castle.
  3. Jotape
    Looks very promising. I like the castle's Island, the skyscrapers and the beach.
  4. toop
    I liked the city . along the port and the airport and strange
  5. Inan
    The city really looks nice, i like the castle on the island and the european inner city. I am curious how large your city will become, because the skyscrapers are rather tall. Really nice work so far, keep on going!

    I agree with @ailo, but you already said the airport is not finished yet.
  6. ailo
    Nice island city! Great combination of buildings. One thing, your airport seems a little weird...
    1. phpiet
      Author's Response
      i'm still building , its far from finished