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CJ Rivibaai

Rivers and a Bay

  1. phpiet
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hello everybody,

    Welcome to Rivibaai

    The city is under construction, but here are some pictures already.
    I hope you people like it.


    >>>>>>Here some more new pictures of Rivibaai.<<<<<<<


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Recent Updates

  1. Some more pictures of the city Rivibaai.

Recent Reviews

  1. Drazicdesign
    Very good view in general,
    Some good ideas!
    This city I like!
    Thank you for sharing
  2. lennon77
    excelente. me encanta el castillo
  3. Skytopjf
    The city looks great, the Soccer Club was my favorite photo, the entire area was very detailed
  4. benhur1967
    Excellent! I like most the ancient part with the castle.
  5. Jotape
    Looks very promising. I like the castle's Island, the skyscrapers and the beach.
  6. toop
    I liked the city . along the port and the airport and strange
  7. Inan
    The city really looks nice, i like the castle on the island and the european inner city. I am curious how large your city will become, because the skyscrapers are rather tall. Really nice work so far, keep on going!

    I agree with @ailo, but you already said the airport is not finished yet.
  8. ailo
    Nice island city! Great combination of buildings. One thing, your airport seems a little weird...
    1. phpiet
      Author's Response
      i'm still building , its far from finished