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Transportation Road Addon Mod (RAM) 1.3

All-In One Road Mod

  1. timofp

    CitiesXL already contained a nice variety of roads, excelent modders here at XLN have dded even more different road types and textures. Combining multiple of them can however lead to texture conflicts, road upgrades which are not working and most of all a very cluttered Road Building and Upgrade Menu.

    In this Mod, I've taken some of the best Road additions to XLN, made them working together in a proper way and added extra functions to all of them. Besides that there is also a modular aspect on this mod, you can choose textures to your liking.

    1. Added new roads to the game which were already available at XLN and made them working together
    • Made all roads of the same size able to upgrade
    • sorted the whole building and upgrade menu so roads are now in a logical order in the build menu and upgrade menu, this leads to cleaner menus and you will be able to find the correct road much faster
    2. Added new functions to default and new roads
    • All roads are now placeable over water
    • all roads come now with two different sidewalks using the same main road texture. This way, you can build white pavement in the city center and grey pavement in for example industrial areas.
    • removed the bright parkinglot lights from the roads and added more realistic lights. Also, you can change the street lightning on some roads using the upgrade menu.
    • traffic lights are removed from streets
    3. Added new functions for bridges
    • All Default bridges and a selection of custom bridges can now cross each other and be connected to each other, this with the correct textures and furniture for crossings.
    • Bridges now all have the options of having street lights, using the upgrade menu
    • Sidewalks for bridges can be changed using the upgrade menu

    Game-Play Instructions

    1. Roads
    • You can find roads with white sidewalks in the default road construction menu, For every road width, you can find item in the building menu. You can use the upgrade menu to change to any roadtype of the same size. Depending on the selected size you will find roads with different amount of lanes, one way roads, roads with parking, ...
    • You can find the same roads with grey sidewalks when you turn on the custom content button. The same upgrade options apply here
    • When you turn on the No collision button, you will find a selection of roads without any furniture on it.
    • When you turn on the OverWater button, you will find rural roads and roundabouts.
    • For some roads you can change the streetlights using the upgrade menu.

    2. Bridges
    • You will now see Uokiok's excelent bridges by default, these are modified to enable crossings. Original bridges can be found under the No Collision Button
    • To have correct textures for crossings and to have street lights, you will have to use the upgrade menu to change the pavement.
    • you can also choose white or grey pavement using the same upgrade menu.

    Installation Instructions

    1. How to install this mod?

    Warning: Do not change the file names, the signs in front of it are needed

    STEP 1: Install The depencies listed below this post

    STEP 2: Install The Base file of the Road Addon Mod (RAM)

    STEP 3: Choose a Road Pavement File to install, you need only ONE file

    STEP 4: Choose a Primary Sidewalk. The roads under the custom content button will always have a light grey sidewalk. You can choose between a white sidewalk or Dark Grey sidewalk for the primary roads

    NOTE: If you want to use an other texture pack available here on XLN, you can use it instead and don't use any of the grey, dark grey or black texture packs. If the other texture pack provides all the recquired textures you won't have any problem. If a texture is missing, your game won't crash, you will just see gaps. Note however that 3 roads won't be avaiable in the game if you don't use the Grey, dark grey or Black Texture packs as these roads have specific textures only available in these packs.

    2. Compatibility
    This road addon mod is compatible with all other mods, addons and existing cities, including both the custom roads I used to make this patch as well as other custom content roads.

    Using other custom roads which are not integrated in this package can however clutter your building menu again.

    When you want a clean installation, I suggest to remove the following files. Removing these will however lead to problems when you want to load an old savegame. Do this only if you have a clean installation and don't want any old savegames.

    • ZZZZZ_Road_Addon_Mod_V1.1
    • ZZZZZZ_CWM_Textures_Dark_Asphalt
    • ZZZZZZ_CWM_Textures_White_Asphalt
    • ZZZZ_Dark_Textures_Real_US_v2
    • ZZZZZZZZ_White_Sidewalks
    • ZZZZ_Gregonos_BusLane_Roads_US_Dark_v1.2
    • ZZZZ_Gregonos_BusLane_Roads_US_Light_v1.2
    • ZZZ_Gregonos_BusLane_Roads_Core_v1.2
    • Trolca_Roads_1.1

    I've put allot of workin this patch pack, but it couldn't be possible with the great work done by others. So I want to greatly thank the following authors

    • Trolca for his bare streets, I used his files as a base, but removed streetlights from larger roads, added new ddstextures, changed the menu position, ...
    • The Author of the ORP package for the great parking addons, I made them upgradeable with roads of same size, make them placeable over water and and added different sidewalks
    • The Author of the Bus lane roads, completely integrated in this package
    • The Author of the CWM mod, I used some of these files, cleaned up the codebase allot, fixing texture problems and removed corrupted SGBIN files.
    • The Author of the Realistic US Roads Mod for his dark road textures and new road types which I integrated in this package.
    • Nogerivan for providing the Dark Grey Road textures and the Hollywood Boulevard.


    1. 001.JPG
    2. 002.JPG
    3. 003.JPG
    4. 004.JPG
    5. 005.JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. pharaonkheops
    Version: 1.3
    Well, I did use this mod in XL and I will love to use it in XXL too??? but....
    Though the last comment says it works for XXL, on my PC, it has no effect at all. Even if I install only the mod + its 2 dependencies + ComMod... no crash, no game misfunction... just no textures ^^
    So... do some people managed to see it work in XXL ?
    If not, is it possible to jail the mod author with quite no food or so until he has finished to upgrade that jewel lol
  2. juan eduardo
    juan eduardo
    Version: 1.3
    Forgiveness works for xxl. thanks
  3. zizaro
    Version: 1.3
    Sorry Timofp, the problem with my roads upgrade menu's size is not due to your mod. Really great mod... maybe one day a road with palmtrees parking road upgrade possible?!!
  4. Douglas Souza
    Douglas Souza
    Version: 1.3
    love the mod but it didnt work for me for some reason in a clean install of the game. as soon as i get to the game, my 1 lane roads are all gone also are the return points; all i have are 4-way roads.
  5. Pamascus27
    Version: 1.3
    This is absolutely excellent! A super useful and a must-have mod! Thanks Timo and all others!
  6. Kazumi
    Version: 1.3
    XCellent mod ^^
    Does it included RHM 2 stuff also?
  7. sapientia
    Version: 1.3
    I installed it to use this mod. All roads are arranged clearly. I love it! thank you for your great efforts. but i have a problem with white sidewalk. I installed it like you said, but it's still grey... I see there's a man how has the same ploblem. can you check it out?
  8. wcpaeb
    Version: 1.3
    Excellent mod and great addition to the game! Thank you very much!!
  9. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    Version: 1.3
    This is a top notch mod. It doesn't get much classier than this.
  10. IcyHot
    Version: 1.3
    With my fresh install of CitiesXL and no mods to start, I am hoping this will solve all my road needs