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CJ Rocky Beach

Unfinished city

    hello everyone, i dont get much time to build this city . Anyway,i would like to share some pictures of this city though it's still not complete. i will update more photos as soon as possible and hope you guys like it!

    Ps:there's a stupid mistakes which i made : "in your hand" :facepalm:
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    1. cxl_screenshot_castiel_5_副本.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. jairien
    cant say anything, just wow!
    1. XOUSTE
  2. Puss in boots
    Puss in boots
    we need more pics!!!
    please update with some sat pics
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      thx,maybe i will update it next month. now i am buzy preparing for an exam.
  3. Sin City 5
    Sin City 5
    beautiful city to live, great pictures to present
    anyway it suppose to be "...in Your hand" :p
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      thx for reviewing,i'll update soon!
  4. viperszn
    Beautiful city!! Really like how you build it, and this waterfronts... awesome!!!
  5. AKHA
    I like the way you placed your city in this amazing map, well done more detailed pics.
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it!
  6. signum_temporis
    Well done and impressive images
    1. XOUSTE
  7. heonetsung
    It'll be extraly perfect if the blocks are not 8-direction style at the hill's foot. But after all it's a wonderful city especially when planting buildings along the unflat ground. It must take a lot of effort and skill!
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Thinks, i will try my best to improve it!
  8. chenchuan
    Nice highway view!!!
    1. XOUSTE