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CJ Ryan City

Have a dream, never give up

  1. Rihanna
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    cxl_screenshot_hollywood_0_看图王122.jpg QQ图片20161006120236.jpg QQ图片20161006120226.jpg QQ图片20161006120251.jpg QQ图片20161006120256.jpg This is a city in the desert. In this city, everyone is happy and working hard. This is a rising city, the future can not be ignored!
    Major industries: high tech, business office, manufacturing.
    Main citizens: intellectuals, elite talents
    Traffic condition: excellent
    Environmental quality: excellent
    But this city still has a lot of bug, I hope you can give me some advice! In the next few days, I will post more photos! Thank you very much!
    Here is photos: cxl_screenshot_hollywood_0_看图王.jpg cxl_screenshot_hollywood_0_看图王.jpg cxl_screenshot_hollywood_0_看图王.jpg cxl_screenshot_hollywood_0_看图王.jpg cxl_screenshot_hollywood_4_看图王.jpg psb.jpg psbCA1CP1DQ.jpg psbCA4E3AMB.jpg psbCA9DXWI4.jpg psbCAOWUSH3.jpg psbCAWJS1ZR.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. nicknick
    That is a very good effort and a promising start.
    Regarding the lag, i 'd say try reading here and around for some solutions. . . Cities XXL is definitely more stable, while leaving parks and plazas for the very end is always a good idea cause some of the older plazas are adding to the issue.
    Other than that i 'd say focus on realism, you seem to have a good eye for analogies and perspective, so i really want to see more. Well done!
    1. Rihanna
      Author's Response
      Thanks, that's a compliment.
  2. ObelicS
    Not bad :)
    Here is some advice from me. If you wonna go for realism then just study and watch google maps, google maps all the way :) You will see how cities are actually, chaotic, ugly and beautiful in the same way, and thats hardest thing to create :)
    Last picture is nice, I dont like that editing so much but composition is great :)
    Keep it up !
    1. Rihanna
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  3. needspeed17
    1. Rihanna
      Author's Response