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CJ Saïto

CXXL , Asian islands

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
  2. msFiorentina
    I like the pictures!!
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      thank you , this is exactly why i play : i build for screenshots !!!
  3. Kitsunebi
    Cities in this game can be whatever they are... I think it's not realistic to have such high buildings on a relatively small island, but it doesn't have to be realistic... I still like it! =)
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      thank you very much and again as ever you understood better than everyone else and for that you deserve a double thank ^^ ; building such a varied and dense town can't be realistic on such islands, it s a fantansy inspired by real concept and fullfilled with real buildings...... again the first aim is taking pictures .... :) thank you
  4. Inan
    I wasn't sure if i should give you 5 stars or 4. That skyscrapers on the little island are really out of place. Totally.
    But beside that it's a really very nice island town with great highlights like Himeji Castle or Angkor Wat. Also i like the slums. A nice modern island :-)
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot, i ve waited so long for slums but they re hard to build on such a map ....^^
  5. ObelicS
    All in all not bad conception and street layout, But downtown ( size and style ) is not balanced with rest of the city cause its too big.
    PS editing could be better, especially with the sun reflection.
    But u got some skill in planning so that will go for 3 stars.
    Just my oppinion, no hard feelings, i bet another city will be at least x2 better ;)
    Cheers !
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      like i already said there s no picture editing, these are pure ingame screenshots ...... ^^
      i m curious about your treatment of this map.....where can we see anything?
  6. nicknick
    I give it 5 stars for originality and concept. I always like the execution.

    But despite giving it 5* i have to underline some mistakes on realism

    a. The control tower at the airport is located at a point that kakes no sense at all. Depending wind direction, airplanes land on airports from either end of the runway. Some days one side, other day other side. The control tower shoudl not be in colission course with the runway by any means.

    b. The sun reflection in the sea makes no sense at all. Setting sun and its reflection maust be on the same line, colinear and not having a vertical distance. When you paste reflection image move it so it's below the sun and not in a distance.
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      haha thank you !

      a) i must say i m no pro about airport : i ve made my first flight a couple of weeks ago at the age of 32 .....

      b) i ve made nothing to the picture, i mean i did not photoshoped it, nor edit it in any way, these are 100% pure screenshots from ingame ^^ although i had the same thought has i saw it
  7. Anonymous
    This is a great little island city! Love it!
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      thanks , i m glad you love it, but why review as an anonymous ?
  8. Rodyna
    Very nice and realistic! Well done!
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      thank you ! i try to build to get good and realistic pictures, so i m glad you apreciate .....
  9. gabriele carbonella
    gabriele carbonella
    Very nice indeed! a little gem!
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      Thanks, i put many hours in planning and reflexions before building ......