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CJ Saint-Burg

Never finished Cities XL project

  1. Immort_al
    Saint-Burg is a modern multicultural city founded in XII century on a river called Aven. It has old exciting past, but also it has a plentiful present, which help it to look confidently in future. A each year about 70 million tourists visit Saint-Burg. And Government is not going to stop with this number.
    One of the newest still developing area is financial area. Despite it is still developing area many transnational corporations choose this area alredy as a new home not only because of its postcard views, but also because it is tax free zone for many industry.

    On the right side of river used to be an old town with city's wall, for our day we can see only few the oldest buildings and streets of city
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    On the left side of river used to be an old roman town, in our day this area called Latin area. The most famous building in this area is The Aven Cathedral. The process of its construction started in 1345 year and took almost 2 century. It was finished in 1527 when the two cities, used to be enemies has sign the peace treaty and started conglomeration.
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    The flowering of city occurs in the XVII - XVIII centuries. In theese years Saint-Burg became a capital of huge empire. The reminders of those times are royal palaces and gardens
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    Saint-Burg is famous by long embankments of its many chanels and rivers.
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    Saint-Burg has not only a historical town, it has a modern part, one of them is The Golden Island.
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    Another modern area - Olympic Park is located on an old port on Basil Island.
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    Saint-Burg is a port city and a new port is located on an artificial island, which conecting with a big land by a huge bridge
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    Many tourists visit Saint-Burg not only because of its historical value but also because it can offer a beautiful beaches and a warm sea
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    P.S.: This city took a lot of my times, but unfortunatly it is still not finished and never will. It is Cities XL project, and the game became run really slowly. So my next city at last I will start in Cities XXL.


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Recent Reviews

  1. chenchuan
    pictures look good
  2. Ze_Doc
    very good ,excellent street level screenshot .....
    a bit too many different styles clustered together, i like when a particular theme is really predominant ......
    1. Immort_al
      Author's Response
      This kind of city is could exist, when a different cultural have mixed in a different times. As I explained the city is really old and each time and each culture left its own print on the city
  3. Anonymous
    One of the best European style city!