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CJ Salty Splatoon

A city where there should be none.

  1. SOUL Productions
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Salty intro.png
    Salty Splatoon Was founded on nothing more than some natural hot springs and oil which helped give this little boot town a leg up in the game. After years of endless supply and export to surrounding regions import was possible allowing Salty Splatoon to grow to its current size. There are nearly a million people that reside here in the desert and water is scarce so it is vital that the growing city's infrastructure be running at optimum capacity. Sand Creek University also has brought a stunning high tech industry that has set in for the long hall due to the cheap prices for natural ores and minerals in the region.
    salty beginings.png salty apartments.png salty view.png cxl_screenshot_salty splatoon_11.jpg salty cycle.png Salty Now.jpg salty industrial.png salty mall .png salty night .png Salty Center.png sand creek university.png Salty oldblock.png salty tree.png salty busypng.png Salty nice place.png salty factory.png gamescreen0208.jpg gamescreen0215.jpg gamescreen0051.jpg Salty Highway.png salty sunset.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Good presentation, good city with good planning, etc. Something is missing, though I cannot place my finger on it.
  2. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    Needs some words...add
  3. Anonymous
    Very good CJ.
    I do like the general style, one can see that you had a
    masterplan, and did not "just" build.
    Also, the presentation and the Photoshop work is very good!
  4. Josephlonde
    I really like it. But i need more images. Don't answer until update.