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samsara beach

  1. Gioroman87
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Ciao ragazzi ho Spero vi piaccia non ho tempo ora di Tariffa Una descrizione dettagliata, in this città CI Sono ALCUNI DETTAGLI Interessanti e spero di iniziare. Buona visione

    Samsara 0 .jpg Samsara 3.jpg Samsara1 .jpg samsara2 .jpg samsara5 .jpg samsara6 .jpg samsara7.jpg samsara8 .jpg samsara9 .jpg samsare4.jpg Sams.jpg samsara0053.jpg samsara0048 .jpg samsara edzo com (FILEminimizer).jpg images.jpg samsara0041 .jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    Don't know if it was your intention, but Samsara is a very good futuristic city, looks like a entertainment city. Too much of everything as mentioned already and too much mixed building styles, but i see some new creations and ideas, well done. I like that hill with waterfall. You will win one or two categories in Edzo contest.
    1. Gioroman87
      Author's Response
      The city is entirely built with drazic buildings except in the small part where the beach constitutes the new city. I've seen that many have not appreciated my style and that I've used too much photoshop, but Italian cities are so done and the filters too. I invite you to look at some images of "salento", "puglia and calabria", you will notice that there is little difference despite the buildings in play were limited. Thanks to your evaluation I really enjoyed it.
  2. benhur1967
    There are many good ideas for what the game is concerned. But too much photoshop for my taste. I prefer your last Honolulu.
  3. Anonymous
    Photoshop needs A LOT of work
    1. Gioroman87
      Author's Response
      How do you rate two stars beyond photoshop. I put my passion and will ... walrus.
  4. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    i like the interchanges, very nice work
  5. Przyski
    Was about to say that it looks like Disneyland. I do appreciate the effort you put into creating this city, but I think you should stick to a style, it's just too much of everything. And the screenshots with so many effects and filters look bad, a simple screenshot is sometimes better.
  6. kipate
    Good job!
    I truly like how you cared about all the details in the city, it looks great and realistic! Also, some districts of your city are well-planned, I like the road layout and the building choices!

    To me, I think it sometimes is a bit too much of everything. your city looks a bit like some Disney World to me, Taj Mahal here, the Burj Al Arab there, and so on, that is not so much my taste.
  7. teddiursa00
    Nice ... but it's a bit unrealistic ... too much filter ... but it's nice anyway.