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CJ San Cristobal

a Havana Style City

  1. peterycristi
    Hi folks,
    welcome to San Cristobal, the Capital of an Island somewhere in the caribbean sea. My Intention is to create a city in the style of La Habana, Cuba and so it is no wonder, that San Cristobal is very much inspired by the cuban capital. Here we go. Lets start with an overview of what we got so far. Obviousliy its still under construction, but i hope, you like it so far…

    After you've seen the location of the city in total, lets start with the old harbor district...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_32.jpg
    Here are some pictures of the famous shore promenade. Harbor districts famous landmark is San Marco church which welcomed everyone coming to San Cristobal from seawards…
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_22.jpg
    It lies directly on Plaza de San Marco...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_44.jpg
    and its cupola can be seen from almost everywhere around.
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_37.jpg
    Harbor district is one of the oldest parts of town...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_36.jpg
    As you can see, it is connected by the Avenida 9 de Julio with Capitol District...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_38.jpg
    This brings us to a second landmark of the city…
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_8.jpg
    Also the cupola of the National Capitol can be seen from almost everywhere and is a famous part of San Cristobal`s skyline...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_18.jpg
    Avenida 9 de Julio is one of the most famous streets of the city and hasn't changed a lot within the last hundred years...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_2.jpg
    Capitol district itself was built in the beginnings of the last century and homes a lot of the most famous buildings of San Cristobal...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_6.jpg
    beside the National Capitol we find there the opera, Plaza de la Constitucion, the National Gallery...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_7.jpg
    …Hotel Excelsior, and the famous skyscraper of the Tabaco Imperial Company
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_17.jpg
    In the east of Capitol District lies University Hill, which is famous for its staircase, which forms a perfect ensemble with the main building and the faculties
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_27.jpg
    Let's finish this first update with a view of the skyline by the sea...
    cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_25.jpg
    Hope you enjoyed it so far and hope to present you some more pictures soon.

    saludos desde San Cristobal, pearl of the caribbean


    1. cxl_screenshot_san cristobal_45.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. pingyao
    Great start. Love the tropical feel, very authentically Havanna style too.
  2. dlimpens
    nice city, well done keep on going
  3. Josephlonde
    Wow this is good
  4. veldor
    Very nice city !
  5. cityguru
    1. peterycristi
      Author's Response
      thx a lot, for your nice comment. Well, this building is the national arts gallery from washington d.c. and i download it from the old xlnation. Unfortunatelly until today there are still missing a lot of the old files here :(
  6. Artmaster
    Very nicely laid-out...I also like the stairs touch. Downtown looks fabulous!
  7. Mrvoltura
    looks really colonial,im impressed
  8. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This is a pretty good city. How did you get stairs?
    1. peterycristi
      Author's Response
      Well, its pretty easy: just built a pedestrian path bridge. If you don't pass water, it will just create a simple path. After building it, you can use the upgrade button - like for all the other streets - to upgrade to stairs.