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CJ Sancaklı

Candidate to become a capital of a newly established country

Recent Reviews

  1. BahadirB
    by the name "sancaklı" I assume it seems like a Turkish city. The shore line is well realised, yet if you had in mind to build a city (of your origin, i.e. Turkish), I suppose the architecture and the high-rises do not comply with most of the Turkish towns. Still, it's a good start though.
  2. kipate
    3 stars! I think you started quite well, I like your residential blocks as well as your promenades. But your skyline is one of the few which I don't quite like, the buildings look a bit wildly placed next to each other. Also, I wish you had cared about making the transitions between the cut-off mountainside and the ground a bit smoother, it looks highly unfinished to me. But keep it up :)
  3. Uncle Chunkles
    Uncle Chunkles
    I like what I see, but at the same time all of your photos could be from any other City Journal out there. More satellite pictures and pictures from above would be very important on showing people of your idea of street and city layout, and also contribute greatly to the overall presentation of the city. Nice job overall though.