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CJ Scandnavy

The new plan city! The Pilot Plan of US!

  1. Nathan Brito
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    The Scandnavy City, Is a city of the archipelago of John, located on the west coast of the US is a new city being planned, with the pilot plan, which has Sectors, Main Sectors, Northern Sectors, and pilot plan, which together form a plane! Outside the boundaries of the pilot plan is the industrial district and other future districts!
    FUNDATION: December 3th, 2016
    IMPORTANCE: The government city
    NAME: Scandnavy, (The Airplane City)

    cxl_screenshot_scandnavy_1.jpg Highway - (Nixonville to Scandnavy) - John Kennedy cxl_screenshot_scandnavy_3.jpg
    Pilot Plan cxl_screenshot_scandnavy_2.jpg Pilot Plan cxl_screenshot_scandnavy_4.jpg
    The Main Avenue cxl_screenshot_scandnavy_0.jpg Industrial Highway
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  1. bulg-ari
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