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CJ Seddly Done

The Cultural Metropolis

  1. SOUL Productions
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    planet seddly done.jpg
    The year is 2051, Seddly Done has been growing steadily since its founding over 1200 years ago. Its geologic location gives the area a temperate climate that is sheltered by canyons which causes hot summers and cool humid winters. It has always had advantage over many other cities in mid-evil and early colonial eras due to hits high cliffs. The regimes of the early times fended off heavy bombardment so many of the structures of the older segments of town are close to 1000 years old and in original condition. Many people from around the region are flocking to exchange goods and trade in its centralized location. Today over 1.3 millions people reside in the region and the 3 countries that used to be divided by the canyon walls and rivers have united into one region under the Provence of Seddly Done. This occurred in the year 2035 so the city has seen 16 years since the borders have been erased. This has caused both positive and negative responses from the people of Seddly Done as it is taking time to balance the tax rates and product exchange through out the region. Many of the wealthy had taken residence in the business districts dividing the cities through the 18th, 19th, 20th, and early 21st century. This spit the wealth off from the older parts of town and many of the older parts of the region turned to over crowded slum.Today programs are in place to re redistribute currency and people equally through out all three canyon cities. Seddly Done is one of the first united regions on planet Avalon and a model city to other cities & countries across the globe. Despite poor and rich living next to each other, Seddly Done continues to surprise us in its ability to strive to freedom and peace.

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Recent Updates

  1. Seddly Done, the cultural metropolis

Recent Reviews

  1. Lord-Katania
    I am lost in your city.I really don't understand where is the downtown the suburban areas or any other things and mix asian european and other styles it's very risky.However the city look good and u made a good job with this difficult map.Congratulations!
  2. Drazicdesign
    A particular and original style!
  3. Josephlonde
    I really like it =D
  4. d.r.e.y
    eu gostei embora as construções são da asia da china antiga e não da africa ficou legal .você deveria ir pela arquitetura das cidades como Egito etc . gostei muito
  5. Monty
    While is true is a bit hard to see nothern Africa here, because there are little to none buildings to fit those cities -no mods for that-, and some other buildings look a bit out of place, your attempt is very valuable. It's great to see people building all types of cities. And I agree with Inan, anonymous ratings are like throwing a stone and hiding the hand.
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      thanks. I appreciate your comment. Yeah this city has evolved alot. In fact it was a lot more American and I had an over the top skyline, but I deleted it all because it didn't fit with the city at all. its been a challenge.
  6. Inan
    Another anonymous review... -_- I really don't understand why people hide their names when giving bad ratings. Fear? One star is too bad. There are some issues with that city, maybe the map doesn't fit with the idea of an coastal african city, and some buildings look a bit out of place, but all in all it is worth 4 stars for me. Keep on going!
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      thanks for encouragement. Its alright, its just a rating, people can be dicks if they want to.
  7. Anonymous
    It isn't realistic, I really don't like it has not an own style
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      don't worry more to come! =D