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CJ Silver Valley

Futuristic utopia

    Game Version:
    • Cities: Skylines
    First of all, thanks again for supporting my last CJ, Laketown is an old project that I've been working for an year now. I don't really care if anyone has any opinion on CS, I just wanted to show you guys my work, that's all, I don't have a YouTube channel or a Patron, I'm doing this purely out of love and passion, I'm a city builder just like you!

    This is probably the most ambitious project ever, although I have been wanted to build futuristic cities all the time, Silver Valley is my proudest work so far.

    There is a community build-off in Chinese CS community, Silver Valley has won the first price in that contest, I also created a video of this city:

    Ok, cut the crap, lets see whats in my new project!

    Screenshot 58.png

    Long time ago, (Yeah, typical) there's a first civilization here, they have the most advanced science and technology however they all disappear, all they have left are some ruins, mysterious temples and some strange status.

    Screenshot 133.png

    Screenshot 174.png

    Screenshot 167.png

    But what if they have been always here all the time? What does their world looks like ?

    Let me introduce : Silver Valley

    Screenshot 138.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. RedZone19
    Hey, good to know you're still creating CJs. Reminds me a lot of the city from Crackdown 3. Well done mate :)
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Also good to see you still active online!
  2. Emanuel Almeida
    Emanuel Almeida
    Hello, everything is wonderful, congratulations! It reminds me of a Star Wars city. Where do I get these beautiful buildings and other constructions? Thank you.
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Hi there, thanks ! Lots of assets and mods are subscribed on Steam workshop, I can't list all of the assets that have used in this city but you can go to the workshop of Cities:Sklines to search an author named: Quad Rioters.
  3. Nairobi's light and dark
    Nairobi's light and dark
  4. JuanAcadé
    I'm not a fan of futuristic cities, but I like the idea and the landscape is epic!
  5. Inan
    As a fan of Sciene Fiction movies your city definitely is a great showplace. I love that hologram advertising thing above the city and the futuristic decorations, the beach areas and the street level pictures! Thank you for watching this!