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CJ Simbad

A coastal Circular grid based city

  1. SOUL Productions
    Simbad is a coastal city surrounded by hilly subdivisions and has a population of a little over 1.7 million. SEE FURTHER UPDATES FOR MORE RECENT UPDATED PICS!

    I like to now share this beautiful city with XLnation. Feel free to check out updates on the north and south sides to see more detailed images. They would not let me upload the detailed traffic views here on the CJ but the links will bring you to them. Enjoy!

    City Districts



    Simbad detailed traffic


    just for the giggles of it, here is a map of the traffic in the city I live in, Denver. Go's to show it would not be so bad to drive around in Simbad!
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    1. simbad4.jpg
    2. simbad5.jpg
    3. simbad8.jpg
    4. simbad2.png
    5. Simbad3.png
    6. simbad6.png

Recent Updates

  1. Simbad - city center
  2. South Simbad
  3. Northern Districts Of Simbad

Recent Reviews

  1. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    I dislike some of the zoning... mainly agri being so close to the city center, I myself would have imported those resources. However, you made awesome work of your river development. I've always loved the pictures and views of this city, just not the hugest fan of the layout. A+ in my book, even with the criticism.

    Yeah, I build my RHM much like you do. I do main roads, rail then RHM.. only to build my street grid in an historical fashion. There usually isn't much on the map when I start my highways. Theres just so much customizing, it's best to start early.
  2. HooHeeHaa
    I just recall "Simbad le marin "when first seeing the name of your city. But it's a coastal city indeed. Anyway the city's skyline is magnificent. Its central too.
  3. barradar
    great, amazing. plis guide me tutorial RHM and water transport
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rate! I would say best method to RHM is to look at real intersections in real life and try and copy those first in a "test city" Its always easier to construct the highways first then build afterword fin my opinion. Then when you get better it can always be a challenge to upgrade a lane or two on the system you have designed. :)
  4. veija2
    Well laid out city. Your highway interchanges are masterful. Some of the photo editing is over saturated, which for me detracts from the shot. You have many great images.
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      thank you for your comments, Highways are my favorite part of managing a city, so I like to spend time in making sure they are a functional a possible. As for photo imaging techniques, ill try and keep that in mind when editing my next images, :)
  5. Supersnake
    Beautiful city. Pictures are nice.
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      thank you much! Glad you appreciate the construction process!
  6. cityguru
    5 stars your city is excellent with no - points!
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      don't see a comment like that often, thank you!
  7. Abbittibbi
    This map I have used before was hard to built on. You have quite a nice medium size city and and can now see why your traffic is so dense. I like the circular center you did with the Highway coming straight to middle, but I notice way too many intersections, it's no highway with streets lights every 200 meters.

    I also like that you took pictures at nightfall. Loved your work on the coast line, even if it can be improved, you have a better basis than I do for shores.

    When I started 20 years ago(Sim City on Nintendo), I use to jam pack City to their max, for every zoning I did. Now I find it way better to have a breathing city with lots of unused area, between housing and zones. 180 change of mind, I now think that maximizing space and creating very packed districts is not good for citizens, builders and visitors.

    Of course, budget use to count, now....not so much.
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating, yeah I originally only planned to build the city to about 250,000 - 300,000 people, but I guess I just felt like expanding! I had designed another circular city design with 2 main circles in the middle with highways going from the outer rings of the circles to the center of each circle. Worked well until I hit about 250,000 than no-one would use the highways and they became more like rivers blocking different sections to the city, I think this turned out a little better working out from one main circle. Geometry is fun :)
  8. kipate
    4 stars! Good start for a first CJ, I also like your
    additional mpas that show the districts, good thoughts!
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      Thank for the rate! Yeah I like seeing the satellite and traffic in other CJ's so I thought I would throw mine in there too!