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General Ski Pack Expander v1.10

This Mod unlocks the remaining ski buildings

  1. Altiris
    This Mod unlocks the remaining ski buildings, more residences, utilities, leisure, ski jumps, parasailing, skilifts, skichairs, skicabins, skislopes, Ski Roads, ski PedPaths, and new snow mobile roads. They are all animated and the ski lifts, chairs and cabins can be used for general transportation.
    citiesxl201220120212040-1.png citiesxl201220120212040.png citiesxl201220120212041.png

    Installation Instructions

    Make sure you have the XLNation User Interface Mod installed.

    Download the .Patch file and copy into your games Paks\Mods folder.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Latest XL User Interface Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v1.10
    Hello there, this is possible to use on XXL too ?
    1. Altiris
      Author's Response
      No, not yet sorry. I'll update it one of these days. :P
  2. nicko2u
    Version: v1.10
    nice, adds heaps to your snow cities/towns