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CJ Skyline-city

City American style

  1. Dobryy.89
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Unfortunately, the city was unable to finish because of problems with the game, but some photos remain. The city is not over! (К сожалению город не был закончен из-за проблем с игрой. Но некоторые фото остались, их и публикую)
    Главная.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_204.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_206.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_128.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_134.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_136.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_139.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_146.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_147.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_148.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_149.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_150.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_153.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_163.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_168.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_169.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_175.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_176.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_177.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_187.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_188.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_190.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_191.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_192.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_194.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_197.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_200.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_201.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хайскай-сити_203.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kris2604
    Perfect realism! Hope you will find way to continue it!
  2. Lord-Katania
    Неплохо! :D Мне понравились небоскрёбы
  3. wildii
    I like it :) Layout and skyline is great. Some close-ups would be nice though
  4. Ryan_cat
    What map is it?
    1. Dobryy.89
  5. chenchuan
    I love your airport !!! AWESOME!!!
  6. JackDuck
    I like your airport ! Nice pictures, 4 stars
  7. Inan
    Nice work again, dobryy. I really like your cities with their realism level. Very nice downtown and a good transition. A pity you can't go on with it.
  8. Sin City 5
    Sin City 5
    very realistic, keep going
  9. Radiant Dawn
    Radiant Dawn
    Very realistic. I also like your airport. Good work.
  10. OvidiuDm
    A big city with beautiful landscapes