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Maps Sourl city map 1.0

real map mix with google road network

  1. daochunhan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    • Cities XXL 2015
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Geographical Tag:
    • Asia
    Common Era Tag:
    • 2000 to Future
    Hello guys,my another map:Sourl,Korea 1:1 real google road network map.

    i hope you can like it,i make some change of material files like delate the rock texture code to make the effect i like.

    and also,i mix the google network map with the colourmap in the photoshop cs6,i use overlay,this layer blend style to make this effect(i apologize of my language statement)

    anyway,bye bye and download it!good day. TIM截图20191020201817.jpg TIM截图20191020201858.jpg TIM截图20191020201920.jpg


    1. TIM截图20191020201830.jpg
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