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CJ Space Port Kazantip

My fascination with science fiction led me to the desire to build such a city.

  1. lexflame
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    We will know each other! My name is Lex, I'm a web developer from Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia). Last year, in my free time from work and children, I began to create models, because I was hard to miss buildings in the style Sci-Fi for Cityes XXL. And then a year later I decided to put my deteyeshche on your feedback.


    In the city used model building from game and collection kit:

    • Anno 2205
    • Vitalu Bulgarov - Misc Works
    • Ghost in the Shell
    I also used a lot of other buildings laid out on the expanses of this portal.









    PS -- And now I plan to make a separate card for him. At the moment, I'm working on it in order to exceed the obsolete size of 10x10 km.

    PS -- If anyone will be will be interesting buildings that I used in construction, then I will gladly bring them to mind and lay out here.


    1. megascreen0020.jpg
    2. 2017-08-20_11-32-03.png
    3. 2017-08-20_11-33-34.png
    4. 2017-08-27_20-03-00.png
    5. 2017-08-27_20-08-08.png
    6. 2017-08-27_20-08-28.png
    7. 2017-08-27_20-07-36.png
    8. 2017-08-27_20-19-55.png
    9. 2017-08-27_20-20-05.png
    10. 2017-08-27_20-05-41.png
    11. 2017-02-23_19-28-57.png
    12. thumb.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Bedingfield
    Great futuristic style.Look forward to your masterpiece,maybe you can build some air corridor
    1. lexflame
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your feedback! I was thinking over the ideas of the air corridor, but it has not yet formed into a simple concept.
  2. kipate
    Good work on the journal, I like your futuristic vibe! I love how you ordered the layout of the city, well planned! But sometimes, the choice of buildings looks a bit randomized, which is confusing given the named order of the streets in general. Also, you may reconsider your micromanagement. Maybe add some more (sense-making) decorations.

    Fine work on the models, if I may say so. Do they obey the standards for mods regarding the size? If so, why not publish them? ;)
    1. lexflame
      Author's Response
      Of course, in the next 2 weeks I got the building out. Now I'm working on two questions as to them, this: the correctness of their placement relative to the tags, for myself I made them all in the transport section-> long-distance messages, also there is the question of normals and night lighting.

      Especially for the models taken from Anno, for them in the original game does not provide a layer of lighting. Those models that I did myself are almost ready.