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CJ St. Vincent (different map)

Different Map. I'll explain in the description

  1. Lolzface1992
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    This is St. Vincent, bigger and better, but on a different map. There's a sister city to the south (Rockford) if the maps were somehow connected. I had to delete all my cities because I downloaded some mods on Steam that were no longer there at a later time which caused all my cities to crash. Not happy with the prick who removed them. Anyway, it's an American style city with a population of 2,233,697. I am also fully aware that the highways aren't the best, I tried RHM but every time I would, the ground would be uneven (one direction would be a lower terrain level than the other direction would be higher). Again, tried to mimic the Dallas freeways and did the best with what I was given. So ASIDE from the freeways, I think I did a good job. St. Vincent also has a couple of radio stations. Hard rock and Dance/Techno. Check them out :) Hard Rock - https://www.radionomy.com/en/search/index?query=Rockford/St.+Vincent

    Dance/Techno - https://www.radionomy.com/en/search/index?query=St.+Vincent's+Dance+Station


    1. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_0.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_1.jpg
    3. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_2.jpg
    4. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_3.jpg
    5. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_4.jpg
    6. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_5.jpg
    7. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_6.jpg
    8. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_7.jpg
    9. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_8.jpg
    10. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_9.jpg
    11. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_11.jpg
    12. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_12.jpg
    13. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_13.jpg
    14. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_14.jpg
    15. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_15.jpg
    16. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_16.jpg
    17. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_17.jpg
    18. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_18.jpg
    19. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_19.jpg
    20. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_20.jpg
    21. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_22.jpg
    22. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_23.jpg
    23. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_24.jpg
    24. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_25.jpg
    25. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_26.jpg
    26. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_28.jpg
    27. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_29.jpg
    28. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_30.jpg
    29. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_33.jpg
    30. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_34.jpg
    31. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_38.jpg
    32. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_41.jpg
    33. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_44.jpg
    34. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_40.jpg
    35. cxl_screenshot_saint vincent_36.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheFosaGames
    I liked the city, but I missed some old element to your city history. Even so, congratulations :)
  2. Anonymous
    Nice city, I do like the griddy layout, looks quite American, good job!
    Of course, RHM would look better, nonetheless, it is a good work!